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About Me

Most of my days are spent with little ones [I am a speech language pathologist in the schools!] so I am looking forward to this blog of mine to get my creative juices flowing. Here are just a few other things about me:

Starbucks, please! You can almost always find me sippin’ on a  venti iced coffee- hold the milk!  I just can’t get enough! 
I am a lover of paper parcels. There is just something special about opening up my mailbox to see a little piece of sunshine. 
Let’s just say, colorful flats are a little weakness of mine! It sure adds a little pep in my step!  
O-H-I-O! I have lived in Ohio my entire life.  My husband and I moved to Columbus, Ohio after we finished graduate school and we have been here ever since.  We just love it here!