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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Cheers To Four Years!

My honeybee + I will be clinking glasses to celebrate our fourth year of marriage this week  [Thursday to be exact!]. Yippee skippy! We've been together TEN years, chickadees! I feel like I say this every year, but I cannot believe how fast time is flying. Every single day is a new adventure and it makes me grin from ear to ear when I think about how I have been so blessed with my honeybee + all of our little adventures along the way.  Last year was a whirlwind + I skipped out on my recap of year three [kinda bummed about that BTW], but you can see my favorite snip-snaps of year two here. Every now + then I like to peek back to read them. It takes me back to a different place + time of our relationship so I am hoping to keep it going in the future. 

A couple of weeks ago, Kate from Quince and Mulberry Studios contacted me. She was traveling to Ohio from Australia + wanted to meet! Through a couple of back + forth emails, I could instantly tell that she would become a gal pal, so we set a play date when she came to town. From the moment we met, her energy + love of life was infectious [My furry friend Linus was smitten with her, too!]. She graciously offered to take a few snaps of my small fam-bam in our little love nest. I have been absolutely smitten with them since the moment we received them + couldn't wait to share them with y'all! 

We Saw Some Changes:
Does it ever seem as if big life changes all happen at once? It sure feels that way to me. Year four meant big changes in literally every single aspect of of lives. One of those were job changes for both me + my honeybee. Like most instances, he felt more comfortable in his job change. For me, I was a nervous wreck. It was my first job change since I started my job right after grad school + I was doubting if this was the best decision. There were so many days when I would come home from work, stressed to the max, about to throw in the towel but I made it! There are pros + cons to everything but in the end it worked out.  

Favorite Memory:
When I think back on years past, one favorite memory vividly pops up in this big 'ol brain of mine but this year it's been tricky. We have done so many fab things this year, it's hard to pick just one thing! One of the things that we really wanted to do this year was travel. So we did. I am really hoping to recap all of my trips because each place was so special, unique, + provided it's own memories + learning experiences for me + my honeybee.  In year three, we hopped on a plane to Chicago + Aruba. In year four, we jetted to Colorado, California, Nicaragua, Tennessee.  I cannot help but giggle when I think back on each place. Each time I look back at the snaps we took, I want to go back. 

Lessons Learned:
I was fairly absent from the social media scene last year.  After my dad passed away, I started to look at my life with new eyes.  It was time for me + my honeybee to come back to center + focus on one another, so that is what we did. I learned to live in the present moment + laugh at all of his ridiculous jokes. If we're being honest, I kind of enjoy them + the silly banter that they create between us. We learned how to host a vegan Thanksgiving + woke up to welcome the day before seven almost every weekend. It was all about the little moments in year four for me.

I thought it would be swell to ask my honeybee if there was anything he learned. If you talk to him on the reg, you know without a doubt he had some words to spew off of that tongue of his.  He responded with, "If you keep loving, it will keep you living. You grow to love your partner more + more whether you notice it in the minute or not. It's hard to see it on the daily, but when you step back, you truly fall deeper into this love. It's a part of you all of the time." Holy swoon! This, gal pals, is why I have heart eyes for days! 

Looking Forward To In Year 5:
Let the adventures continue in year five! In just a few short weeks we are hoppin' on a plane to make our way to Italy again! Squeal! My honeybee + I went together for our honeymoon which was a complete + utter dream. This time will be just as fun but with a twist as we are venturing with my sister + her fiancĂ© as well.  We will make a similar trek this time around but are going to take a hop, skip, + train ride down to southern Italy to visit my family who still lives there. It's going to be a wild ride, y'all! 

Year five of our marriage also means that we both turn the big 3-0.  If you know me, you know that I am smitten with surprises! I just couldn't resist to plan a surprise for my honeybees birthday in October.  I have a sneaky getaway plan in the works + cannot wait until he finds out where we are zoomin' off to when we arrive at the airport. I must admit, I may or may not feel like Carmen San Diego every time I whip out my laptop to plan this trip. Sneaky sneaky!

Lastly, in year five I am looking forward to possibly starting a family. It would be quite exciting [+ exhausting] to have a little baby Laird romping around our love nest. With ten years of partnership under out belts, we will be grateful for whatever God has in store. Cheers to four years!