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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Be Kind To Yourself

One of the biggest gifts I gave myself last year was the gift of self-reflection and mindfulness. The more that I am able to reflect and observe without immediate reaction to a situation or circumstance, the deeper I learn and grow, allowing more space for new desires and experiences to flood my every being.  

Last Friday, I celebrated my birthday and it was one that I was not really looking forward to as it marked the one year anniversary of my dad's burial.  I spent most of the day with a knot in my stomach and came home from work in tears just seeking refuge under the fluffy comforter of my bed. I think it is so imperative to allow yourself to feel whatever it is that you are feeling; without judgement or question. As I stared up at the ceiling that afternoon, I started to reflect on my own life and some of the lessons that I have so gratefully learned throughout the past year + was inspired by this image. Life is a continuous practice + no one is perfect but I wanted to share them with you all today. 

What stories are you building and spiraling inside of your head that are hindering you from leading your full potential?  Be kind to yourself, chickadees. 
                                               So, enjoy. What lessons have moved you this year?

Monday, February 22, 2016

Holy Swoon!

Hello you lovely people! It's been a hot minute since I've shared my weekly rendition of what has tickled my fancy these days!   Take a look at what made me squeal, "Holy Swoon!" while perusing the web this weekend:

[The Big Apple]: This cheeky art print probably tops the cake with one of my favorite art print purchases to date, chickadees! We are in the process of completely repainting our finished basement with some lovely new hues. Along with that is a revamp of my workspace. This print looks fabulous with our new paint color, if I do say so myself! I love the vibrant pink + red together because we all know that's my favorite color combo! I just cannot get enough! 

[Drink That H20]: If you are wondering why this little one has taken a jump off the face of the earth, it's not that I have fallen out of love with the blogging world.  I sure do miss it + am hoping to try and ween it back into my daily routine.  Ever since I finished my teacher training for yoga, I have been rolling out my mat every chance that I get, which really isn't to often these days! I have been teaching the yogas five days a week and between my full time job, my spankin' job at Lululemon, and planning my yoga classes, the blogging world has kind of taken to the side. I don't think that I could make it through the day without my glass water bottle.  I have two of these that I love. I truly believe that this water bottle is why I take in my daily dose of the H2O. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of leaving one of my bottles in the car on a night where it hit probably 3 degrees and it broke into pieces. Time to order a replacement bottle! 

[Eyelet Top]:  This pretty little number is currently in my online shopping cart waiting to press "checkout".  The feminine details are perfect and I love that I can just plop a cardigan on for work and hop on out the door! Which color do y'all like the best? I can't decide!

[Gingham Pouch]: It's all in the details! Love this dainty little pouch with a dash of class! I love to stay organized with so many pouches as I am on the go and this one would be the perfection addition for all of my colorful bags! Yes, yes, y'all!

[Gimme All The Chairs] The amount of chairs that my honeybee and I have acquired the past couple of years is a hoot! I don't know why but my heart eyes are always drawn to pretty chairs. I suppose they are the perfect way to add a little dab of sass to a space!

[Let's Stay Home]: A couple of months back I was in the mood to jazz up our space with a few pieces here and there. I immediately snagged this adorable banner and am so glad that I did! The price is on point, the quality is superb, and it makes me grin from ear to ear when I pass through our bedroom quickly in the morning. A little reminder for this gal to take a deep breath during the week and that the weekend is just a few days away!

[Pointy Toes]: I love a good pair of pointy flats and leopard is a neutral for me to wear any time, any day.  I love the versatility of these flats. I can prance through the hallways during work with my little ones as my shoes are usually a popular topic of conversation as we make our way down to the therapy room. I also can easily grab these for any of my outside functions whether it's to volunteer, grab a drink, or hit the town. If we are being honest chickadees, I hardly ever drift away from buying my shoes at the good 'ol J.Crew. However, these were a lucky find as I wear a size 5 and they actually fit me. This brand even carries as small as size 4. Small shoe lovers rejoice!

[Striped Weekender]: My honeybee picked out this weekender bag for me last month when we ventured out to Colorado together for the first time. This bag is everything! It was big enough for me to pack my entire wardrobe and more for a four day trip. The fact that it was the perfect size for me to use it as a carry on so that I didn't have to check a bag was even more of a bonus! If you are looking for a new snazzy but functional weekender bag to fit your needs, this pretty pal is just for you!

Enjoy, you lovely people!  Now get out there and show Monday whatcha got!