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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Holy Swoon!

Hello you lovely people! Hope you had a fab start to your week!  Take a look at what made me squeal, "Holy Swoon!" while perusing the web this weekend:

[The Best Denim]: If we are being honest, I live in my white denim. It doesn't really matter what season it is, you can usually find me schlepping around town in these.  Chances are, if I am not digging the white denim that day, I am prancing around in this pair of high denim. They are comfortable, don't lose their stretch, and always make my tuckus look high and tight [just sayin'!].  If you have yet to try them, hop on over and check them out. They are a must in my wardrobe, gal pals!

[Playing Cards]: We all know that I love to a little color to jazz up any moment so these cards are totally on my list for my next night in with my honeybee!  Maybe it'll add a little luck to my game since I always someone end up losing in any game that we play together. He says it's luck, I think he's secretly sneakin' and peekin'! 

[Pendant Light]:  This pendant light makes me weak in the knees, chickadees! The pop of pink would be so adorable in a little gal pals room, wouldn't you agree? 

[Chocolate Chip Banana Cake]: If you eat dairy, can you do me a favor and make this cake? It sounds so delectable that my mouth is drooling just thinking about it! I am doing some digging around to figure out ways that I can make this  dairy free for my honeybee and me. With or without that chocolately-goodness frosting, it sounds like the perfect pairing with my morning coffee!

[Kelly Green Dresser] If you've practiced next to me on the mat lately, chances on you have spotted kelly green quite often these days. Green mat, green pants, I am lovin' this hue, guys and gals! Welp, you can imagine how much I swooned over this fancy schmancy dresser when I was perusing on the world wide web last week! Isn't it swell?

[Baby Sperry Top-Sider]: These snazzy ones are sold out but you can hop on over and grab this cute version if it tickles your fancy, chickadees! Aren't they so adorbs? I always like to grab a pair when I find out my guy and gal pals are expecting. They are the cutest little gift that can make anyone squeal from its cuteness!

[Pom Pom Scarf]: It makes me giggle to think about how much I used to loathe the color pink. Now, I just naturally gravitate towards pink when I am itching for a pop of color when I get ready in the mornings.  This scarf is on my must-have list for this summers accessories stash! If your summer is anything like my summer has been going, it's been rainy for days! I have had to grab a third layer for warmth almost every day this summer and scarves are always the first thing I grab! Such an easy way to add a little jazz and sunshine to my day! If you love it as much as I do, grab it while you can gal pals! It's 30% off!

[Folk Floral Table Runner]: Holy Swoon! This little lady is smitten with this table runner! The perfect touch to a summer party on the deck! Who says you need to live near the beach to love a little color? It's utterly adorable!

Enjoy, you lovely people!  Now get out there and show Tuesday whatcha got! 

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