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Monday, March 9, 2015

Let's Take Five

[One]: You know that phrase, Home Is Where The Heart Is? It's been on my heart heavily these days. My home is truly where my heart is. Forgive me, chickadees, for not being ready to talk about what has been going on in this world o' mine but it has been a little too much for me to even want to face. I was happy to head home this weekend for a much needed gal pal sesh with my dear little sister. It was lovely to get out for the day and pop into a few stores, grab some grub, and talk about all of the mischief we found ourselves into growing up. We even ventured off to get mani's and pedi's on Saturday afternoon. Of course I opted for my signature hue, poppy red!  Let me tell you gal pals, it was just what the doctor called for. There is something special about having a sister as a best friend. She is always there no matter what and can always make you feel better when you are at your worst. My sister has made me a better person and I wouldn't be where I am without her. 

[Two]: My honeybee and I will be hoppin' on a plane here within the next couple of weeks to jet off to Aruba! Hello sunshine! The thought of basking in the sun with my toesies in the sand makes my heart skip a beat! We have yet to travel to Aruba, but have heard nothing but wonderful things about that lovely place! If you have ventured to that hot spot before, do share what is on your must-do list! We are anxiously counting down the days! Stay tuned, I can't wait to share what we will be up to!

[Three]: February was a cold one here in good 'ol Columbus and I often found myself hibernating under the covers.  I turned complete couch potato on the weekends and in between my Dateline binge watching [it's a guilty pleasure of mine!], I found myself on Nexflix perusing the documentaries.  I realize I am totally late in the game in terms of Bill Cunningham's documentary, Bill Cunningham New York, but I couldn't move my tiny fingers fast enough to press play! If you have yet to watch this documentary, hop to it! I found myself smiling, giggling, and at times, crying at how beautifully done this documentary was.  For someone who does such wonderful work and is loved by so many in the fashion industry, he lives such a mysterious and simple lifestyle. So many times we get caught up in the materialism of today's society, but Bill continues to stay grounded.  His giggle is contagious! Oh what I wouldn't do to spend a day with the man, his adorable blue jacket, and that bike of his! 

[Four]: How adorable is this striped necklace? It would be the perfect piece of  sass to put on as I am racing out the door in the morning! I have had the DIY itch lately so I may or may not venture out to my local craft store to make my own version of this little number. However, I am tempted to just purchase this one and call it a day since I just found out it is 40% off. Total steal if you ask me, darlin'! 

[Five]: If you read my blog on the daily, you know that this little gal is fitness obsessed! Pure Barre, yoga, I love it all! Up until recently, I really steered clear from cardio because it be honest, it made me shake in my boots! I am happy to say, that is no longer the case, dear chickadees!  If you are in the Columbus area, you must make your way to System of Strength. I cannot squeal how much it has won my heart over! My tuchus and arms hate me on the daily but I still find myself hobbling back for more! I feel like I need to reward myself for all of my hard work with brand new spankin' kicks!  Have any of you local gal pals fell in love with SOS just as I have? Do tell! If you aren't local but curious as to how I torture myself with this love-hate relationship, you can take a peek here! If your brave enough, you can use the videos and get your own workout on in the comfort of your own home! Get it, lady!

Happy Monday, you lovely people! I hope your day is filled with happiness, sunshine, and positivity! 

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  1. Great post J! I've missed your witty words and colorful collages! Have a lovely time in Aruba my dear--soak up some sun for me!


    P.S.-Thanks again for the interview! It'll be up soon:)