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Monday, March 16, 2015

Holy Swoon!

Hey there, chickadees! Happy Monday! I just wanted to thank y'all for for all of the love I received over the past week regarding my last post.  The comments and emails were enough to make me feel loved from all over and it is more appreciated than you even know.  Every day is a challenge but just know that I appreciate the encouragement.  It's been a hot minute since I have shared what has made me squeal "Holy Swoon!" so I thought that I would brighten your Monday blues up with this little batch of sunshine:

[Dulci Kitten Heels]: I don't always love a kitten heel but I am completely smitten with these! That bow? Perfect! Now since they are completely sold out in every size, where can I snag a pair for myself? Holy swoon!

[Art Print]: If you have been following along, you may or may not remember that I recently purchased a print from Emily Rickard. It is one of my most happy hued and loved prints in my office these days.  What can I say- I always pop a grin when I look up and see it above my desk. This one is another personal favorite of mine! I can't wait to see what else Emily has up her sleeve when her Etsy shop opens back up. If you just cannot wait chickadee, you can always pop on over to Society6 and swoon over her work like I do on the daily! No shame!

[Tippi Sweater]: If there is one thing this gal has as a staple piece in her closet [other than a gazillion button ups-yikes!], are tippi sweaters! Listen up, ladies! They are the bees knees! Perfect to layer, wear by itself, any time, any season! I love 'em! I keep coming back to this fancy marled citrus color. I can't help but to think that it might look a little snazzy when the sun shines and I am all sun-kissed! Add that one to my online cart? Done and done! 

[WWJLD?]: Yes, I am going to say it you love people- you NEED this tote! Am I right? Jenna Lyons makes my heart skip a beat! Her style is impeccable and she is quite the boss bitch, if you ask me! Blogger Robin Anderson has just launched a new tote bag company featuring a series entitled #bossbitch that celebrates women. Each tote that she launches is limited edition and will feature strong female icons like my gal pal Jenna Lyons [obvi!], Martha Stewart,  etc. I love everything about this and cannot wait to snatch one up for myself! 

[Tassel Key Ring]: A year or so ago, I purchased a leather tassel keychain from Kate Spade that was very similar to this beauty and I get stopped so often to ask where I purchased it. I just love the happy hues on this one and the gold patterned detail adds just the perfect touch! If you are on the hunt for a new keychain, look no further! I think this one has your name all over it, gal pal!

[Cotton Fille Bow Headband]: When I found out that Gap Kids and Kate Spade were launching a collaboration last year I couldn't contain my excitement. There is something special about Kate Spade and all of her bright whimsey-ness that leaves me weak in the knees. I loved every single piece from that collection, gal pals. Well, you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this adorable headband while perusing Kate Spade's website this weekend. Heavens to Betsy! Where in the world have I been and how did I not know that Kate Spade started carrying kids? This headband would be first on my must-have list. Don't even worry that I am childless. I'm pretty petite- this precious piece will fit me! At least that's what I keep tellin' myself, sister! Seriously too cute! Kate Spade gets it right every time! Speakin' of Kate Spade- Word on the street is that they are closing their Kate Spade Saturday stores. The Kate Spade line has always pulled the strings of my heart more so than the Saturday line but I still feel a little sad about this. Have any of you gal pals heard this news, too? Help a sister out! I'm quite curious!

[Fuchsia Nina Chair]: Not even kidding, I pin hot pink chairs like it's my job! Aren't they just the piece of sass and pizazz that you want to have to spruce up your little love nest? I may or may not have squealed out loud when I stumbled upon this pretty thing over the weekend. It has gotten fabulous reviews, ladies. I may need to hop on in to my local store to kick up my feet and give it a little whirl of my own! 

[Navy Striped Pillow]: When we purchased our new couch we ordered these striped pillows in navy and I am in heaven every time I lay my head down on them. Cute + functional? Too perfect for words! Navy stripes are my jam and I have them incorporated into almost every room of our little love nest. Sometimes I think I may be going overboard in the stripe world but then I stop myself. Too much stripe? Thats just silly, chickadees! 

Enjoy, you lovely people!  Now get out there and show Monday whatcha got! 

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  1. Definitely agree with you on stripes--never too many! Loved this list J!