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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pass The Champagne, Please!

Let's be real: I am that friend who can be completely an utterly composed when necessary but you betcha bottom dollar that as soon as we hit the car and that bass is bumpin', I'm gonna bust out my flow as smooth as butter. I had two "cold days" this Thursday and Friday so this gal pal has been cooped up in our little love nest for days with nothing but me, my kitty Linus, and our two dogs Lucy + Cannoli. I tried entertaining myself by having rap battles with myself all while my boy Biggie was on repeat non stop but my furry friends were not amused. They looked at me like #byefelicia. What can I say, haters gonna hate. 

With that said, this is what I am looking forward to this weekend:

[1.] Yoga
[2.] Bottomless Bloody Mary's
[3.] Dateline Marathon [it's a guilty pleasure o' mine!]
[4.] Wearing comfy socks
[5.] Snuggle Fests 

What about y'all? Cheers to the weekend, chickadees! 

1 comment:

  1. Hey Miss Jenna! Recently found your blog and love it. Very envious of your gorgeous graphics :) Hope you're enjoying your weekend so far! xo