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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Art I Heart: Katie Smail

Isn't art just the best thing to dazzle over when you need a little pick-me-up? With the winter weather lingering well past my liking, I find Katie Smail's work to be refreshing! You may recognize her snazzy work from Design Love Fest's Dress Your Tech Series and it just so happens that Katie's feature is one of absolute favorites of them all! Holy swoon, sisters! I must admit that her work has my nose pointed straight to spring! Onward and upward, dearest chickadees! 

[Juju Headdress]: Golly Neds, isn't this divine? What I wouldn't give to plop on of  these fine beauties on my wall. I'm sure my honeybee would say otherwise but I just cannot stop thinking about how it would add the perfect touch to our living room. You can find me day dreaming at my desk about it until then. That pink is just too perfect! 

[Pillow Cover]: If you are a black and white lover, this pillow is for you! I love the abstract art on this pillow that would seriously add a little punch to any space! Everyone needs to add a little artsy fartsy to spice up their space a bit!

[Snail Paperweight]:  My honeybee surprised me with this little paperweight and it made my day! It totally feeds into my love for snail mail and all things Kate Spade. You would think that Kate Spade would carry this lovely curio, but [shockingly] he snatched it up elsewhere! Oh, and the price? You can't beat it, love bugs!

[Leather Tote Crossbody]: I saw this leather tote over the weekend and couldn't get over how perfect the color was! If you are on the hunt for the perfect orange bag, look no further! The quality and feel of this bag was reasonable for the price. Who wouldn't feel snazzy with this jam on their shoulder? 

[Stripe Boatneck Tee]: We all know that I wear stripes on 6 [maybe 7] out of 7 days in a week. So do I really need a new one? Probably not. In my defense, this lovely blue screams "Spring" so it's totally on my radar! 

[Linoleum Print]: I am sure that you are getting sick of me talking about how I am putting together my gallery wall in our office, chickadees, but I must tell you that this is the latest print to land at our little love nest.  The problem with my gallery wall is that I am gradually collecting different pieces that I am smitten with but have yet to hang them up. I have what some lovely people would like to call a "commitment problem."  Yes, yes, y'all it's true. I do. Not just with the prints- with the clock that we have had since our wedding but I cannot commit on where to hang it in our living room along with a dozen other little bibelots I have around this lovely establishment. I just cannot deal with it being so permanent because knowing this little gal, I will change my mind the moment I smash a nail in the wall. What can I say ? It's time for an intervention! Call 'em in!

[Water Bottle]: I have used my BKR bottle every single day for the past three years and cannot sing it's praises any higher. It has totally helped increase the amount of water that I drink on the daily and the colors are as cute as a button. Over the weekend, I made the mistake of leaving my BKR bottle in my car and it broke from the cold temperatures. I'm so bummed. It sounds silly but I really am. I can't go another day without ordering a new one so I am thinking this lovely green color might be the next contender. 

[Ballet Flats]: Colorful flats are my jam! I was especially school girl giddy when I popped onto the world wide web this week and spotted these flats in such a lovely color! A gals gotta have her options and when happy hued flats are involved, the possibilities are endless!

[Business Card Holder]: Does Kate Spade really think of everything? This business card holder is seriously on my birthday list! Less than a week and I am hoping that this lovely number makes it's way to my doorstop because I cannot get over how perfectly cheeky it is! The details are everything, chickadees! 

If you think Katie's work is just as swoon worthy as I do, gal pals, you may want to hop on over to One King's Lane to take a looky-look at what she is selling! This one just happens to make me all weak in the knees! Which one is your favorite? 

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