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Monday, January 5, 2015

Holy Swoon!

Well hey there, chickadees! Happy New Year! It's been a while, hasn't it? I must confess that I missed y'all but it sure did feel great to take a little bloggity break! I am hoping to share with you lovely people what this little lady has been up to. Until then, take a look at made me squeal, "Holy Swoon!" while recuperating the holiday crazies on my couch this weekend! 

[Storage Boxes]: Believe it or not, most of the boxes from the move are unpacked, things are put away, and organized [Hallelujah!]. I still have a box or two from my little office space that I need to hop to and cross off my to-do list. These colorful nesting boxes would add the perfect touch to our office. Wouldn't it look darling with our new print? Y'all know I love a colorful office! Who knows,  I may just purchase an extra set to organize my belts and clutches in my new closet! 

[Kate Spade Saturday Artwork]: A couple of weeks ago my honeybee texted me to march my tookus into West Elm. Well chickadees, you can image this little one jumping up and down and squealing a couple of times because I just discovered that Kate Spade had landed a collaboration with West Elm. Looking back on it now, I may or may not have embarrassed myself when the mamas and the papas in the store were gawking at my school girl behavior but what's a gal to do? It was a dream come true! I must admit, I was slightly disappointed when I found out it was The Saturday line. I sure love their line, but I am more of a fan of their classic pieces.  If you have yet to check out this collaboration, hop to it my pals! I am smitten with the art work and even a few of the rugs. You should see it in person- it's a dream! 

[iPhone Case]: I have been smitten with my striped heart ShopBando iPhone case for quite some time now. I decided that it was time to switch it up a bit when I recently purchased my new striped iPhone case [shocking, I know] two weeks ago and it's the bees knees I tell you! I especially love the textured backing so it doesn't scratch up like other iPhone cases I have had in the past [The Type-A in me goes all cray when that happens!]. Yes, it's true, the dark striped one that I have has neon stripes along the side but it makes it easy for me to spot it in my bottomless bags when I am in a hurry, chickadees! If you are looking for a new iPhone 5 case, I highly recommend this one! 

[Cocktail Mixer]:  When it comes to cocktails, I keep it pretty simple- Blood Mary's, White Wine, and an occasional Gin + Tonic. There are several favorite spots here in CBus that my honeybee and I hop around to that have delectable one of a kind drinks, too.  My gal pals always tease me because they say that I am a drink snob- I only like to have mixed drinks when I am out on the town. I swear, there is something about the ice that makes the drinks taste that much better than the ones we try to concoct in our little love nest. Am I the only one that thinks this way? We ended up snatching some of this yummy cocktail mix over the holidays from a local shop and I must admit, it was pretty tasty. The best part? It's vegan + gluten free! Whoop Whoop!

[Waffles Sweatshirt]: Late one night over my holiday break, I spotted this sweatshirt as I was barely awake but couldn't yet get off of Pinterest. I'm sure you can relate. This sweatshirt is so simple yet so darling at the same time. How perfect would it be when your sugar bear whips you up your own personal plate of Belgium waffles and insists on serving them to you in bed on a Saturday morning? So perfect, right? 

[Gerald the Giraffe]: If you haven't picked up on it by now, I've got it. Full on, the whole she-bang, case of baby fever. I have my gal pals to thank since many of them are sending me pictures of outfits and baby bumps that are too cute for words! You can find me perusing all kinds of baby websites these days.  It's [slightly] embarrassing to admit since no babies are in the works right now but it sure is fun to look at all of the happy hued, soft, and whimsy little things out there for the tots! I especially love Gerald the Giraffe. Isn't he just precious? Those eyelashes may or may not have stolen my heart!

[Hand Stamped Vase]: I spotted these lovely vases recently and of course I had to pick one up! It's the perfect little touch of sass to our living room when fresh blooms are in the house. I was  torn between the stripes and the polka dots but the dots won me over this time. So adorable and you can't beat the price!

[Striped Flats]: It's about that time of the year where the weather is absolutely bitter cold here in good ol' Columbus. If you know me, you know that flats are my jam! Colorful flats, striped flats, pointy flats, I love 'em all! I was just chatting with my honeybee the other day and mentioned about how I couldn't skip out of the house with my flats because it was just too chilly. What the what? I couldn't believe my ears. The fashionista in me would always sacrifice the frigid cold for pretty flats. Not these days. I don't know what has come of me, chickadees. Until the weather hits 40 degrees, you can catch me dreaming of my toesies inside these pretties! Holy swoon!

[Hello Darling Mat]: How precious is this cheeky mat? We purchased this one not too long ago and I am still just smitten with it! I have been keeping my eye out for a second one to place on our back porch and this one might just top the cake. What do you think, gal pals?

I hope this lovely loot brought a smile to your face! Now get out there and show Monday whatcha got!

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