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Friday, November 7, 2014

Let's Take Five

[One]:  I have to be honest, chickadees, other than the daily grind of my job, Project Little Love Nest has been on my brain.  Thank the heavens there was not much elbow grease needed to get this place into tip-top shape other than a little slab of paint on these walls of ours. Have I mentioned to you how tedious this rug situation of ours has been? I just cannot seem to find the perfect match for our space. We had ordered this lovely rug from Pottery Barn but it just didn't quite win my heart. I have this vision of layering two rugs underneath our coffee table but I just can't seem to get it together. I have been swooning all day err'day over this one but my honeybee had to draw the line somewhere.  If you have any suggestions, send them my way. Until then, you can find this little lady perusing Pinterest for design details like bookshelf styling. It's all in the details, don't cha know?

[Two]: I have had the travel bug itch lately, gal pals. We haven't had a chance to explore since we ventured off to Chicago and I must admit, I am getting a little antsy. When I am not jammin' to my gal B [ahem: that's Beyonce if you are out of the loop] on my trips around town, I am usually day dreaming about where else I would be. In a perfect world, I would have loved to become a traveling speech therapist and move every three months around the good ol' USA but my honeybee would miss me too much. How fabulous would it be to just pack and up start life over in a new environment and just explore life? Sure it has it's positives and negatives, you lovely people, but I can only imagine how much self growth you would do. I guess I can keep on dreamin'! 

[Three]: My love for all things J.Crew is certainly no secret around these neck of the woods. From it's adorable flats to it's cheeky hues of happiness, I am totally smitten. Of course I may be a little biased but how can you resist?  Well, chickadees, hold your seats because I had the absolute best day last week and I can't help but share it with y'all.  Let's rewind, shall we? Just last week I was helping a lovely client at my local J.Crew. Everything was going fine and dandy until she whipped out her Blackberry as I was checking her out. She looks up at me and says that she is calling Mickey. What the what? THE Mickey Drexler?  You betcha! She told him my name and how she loved my service and that I was lovely. Then for a hot second I heard that lovely voice of his and I just turn googley eyed like a little school girl. Of course I let my giddiness get in the way and said something completely and utterly ridiculous now that I look back on it, but I just could not help myself. If y'all know anything about this little lady over here, you know that this was the best possible thing that could every happen to me. One of the best days in my books! Heavens to Betsy it was just lovely!

[Four]: I am really making a better effort to live life with more of an intention these days and to live in the moment. You know, pick up my phone a little less and appreciate the company of those lovely people around me. It sounds a little deep, ladies and gents, but it's the truth. I came across this quote last week and have marinated on it during my daily yoga practices.  Sure, life is all about personal growth and moving ourselves forward personally and professionally, but doesn't it feel swell to spread a little love onto others? I intend to keep this quote on a post it note in my planner as a reminder to myself as we venture our way into the busy holiday season. What about y'all? Has there been a truth bomb that has been on your big and beautiful heart these days?

[Five]: Isn't Oprah just so wonderful? I find her to be one of the most inspiring women of our time and I only wish that I could have her on my speed dial to chat it up about life. She is so wise and kind.  When she ended her show, I recorded the finale and watched it six times. Don't even worry that I cried every sing time. No shame! She is the bee's knees! Every year I look forward to her list of Favorite Things. Her list of Favorite Things for 2014 was just released this week. Did you happen to check it out? Of course my favorite pens from Kate Spade made the list! Yippy Skippy!

Happy Friday, chickadees! Do you have something snazzy planned for this weekend? 
See you back here on Monday!

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