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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kate Spade For Gap Kids Favorite Picks

My love for Kate Spade goes without saying. If I could bottle each and every hue up and save it for a rainy day, my days would always be sunny + rainbows. Just by looking at her pieces, no matter what they are, I cannot help but have a smile on my face. Last summer, I squealed when I saw on Instagram that Gap would be doing a collaboration with Kate Spade.  Oh my heavens! Yes, please! You could only imagine my excitement when I hopped on the lovely world wide web yesterday to sneak a peek.  So many of the pieces remind me of J.Crew [my favorite!] but a lot of pieces had sold out by the time I was able to plop a few pieces into my shopping cart on my lunch break.  The whole you snooze, you lose thing has been noted. Although there may not be very much left, I thought I would share some of my favorite leftover pickings with y'all! 

What do you think of The Kate Spade for Gap Collaboration? Do you just love it or could you do without? Have a snazzy weekend, chickadees! Hope you have some fun tricks planned up your sleeves. If not, rest up, buttercup!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy Hue: Swell-ow Yellow

One of my favorite things about the first couple of months in the preschool world, are the color songs.  Each week has a different color that we sing about over and over again during circle time. The buzz in our preschool rooms are always about colors. What are our favorites, what colors are we wearing, and what colors can we spy all around us. As you can imagine, these little tunes get stuck into my head and carry over into our little love nest.  My honeybee can sing just about every single one of them in his sleep. The price you pay to be married to a therapist!  Yellow just so happens to be my most favorite hue of them all! 

Rain Coat

Isn't it so cheerful?  Enjoy your day, chickadees! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Picture This

I have a thing for colorful couches, ladies and gents. It doesn't really matter what color it is as long as it is a happy hue! I came to the realization of this guilty pleasure this past weekend when I was rifting through my Pinterest boards. Happy hued couches, brightly colored pillows, and throws galore. That's pretty much my personal home decor style in a nutshell. Just thinkin' about it puts a big ol smile on my face. I mean, who wouldn't love opening their front door to a room full of sunshine? 

As I was perusing through my pins I realized that my personal style is very much the same as my style for the home. Happy hues paired with classic pieces. Bright greens, hot pinks, mixed with grays and navy stripes. My style has slowly become quite predictable but I secretly like it that way, you lovely people.  I thought that I would take a gamble at pairing some of my favorite living spaces with some outfits that you could easily find me in on the daily. Take a peek!

Sometimes a gal needs to wear neutrals. As much as I love color, it doesn't always need to be the main focus of an outfit.  Pairing neutral colors with pops of colors through accessories makes for a personal favorite outfit of mine! I have been known to have quite the colorful flats collection for this very reason, chickadees! 

Every year, I am smitten with J.Crew's colorful outerwear.  They are always on point with their color choices and it always makes the cold weather season enjoyable, if you ask me gal pals! Vibrant Flame just happens to be my most favorite J.Crew signature color. I can never have enough! 

Chartreuse, what a color! It always adds a lovely pop of color and it the perfect accent piece that goes with almost every other happy hue in the book! This couch and those pants are on point! Why not make it the focal piece? Swoon!

Happy Monday, chickadees! Now get out there and show Monday whatcha got! 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Hello, Weekend!

Hello, weekend! We meet again!  The sun is shining and my to-do lists are almost completely checked off! Hip hip hooray! This weekend is guaranteed to be a spoonful of fun since today is my honeybee's birthday! 

Here is a scoop on my plans for this lovely weekend: 

1. Wear This:  This little lady has been on a complete sweater kick these days. A little bit of cooler weather and I am all decked out in my fancy sweaters.  I have been a complete and utter freeze baby.  This weekend is supposed to be beautiful here in good 'ol Columbus but you can betcha that I will be rockin' my cozy sweaters all day, 'err day. Nothing like being a little comfy and cozy on the weekends.  I absolutely fell in love with this shacket [ahem, shirt + jacket= shacket] when I spotted it in the catalog last week so I made sure to scoop it up online before I missed out. I cannot wait until it gets here. Until then,  I will proudly rock my plaid button-ups and comfy knitted sweaters. Happy fall, y'all! 

2. Read:  This weekend I will be skippin' town to spend time with my pops so a good magazine is a definite must, chickadees!  Real Simple is always a go-to of mine [along with my girl Oprah] so I plan on picking up this month's words of wisdom before I hit the trails. From the looks of it, this month's reads are all about organization.  I can wait to soak up all of their advice! Perfect timing as we continue to settle into our new little love nest! 

3. Celebrate:  Feliz cumpleaƱos, Buon Compleanno, Happy birthday! Hip hip hooray! It's my honeybee's day! I cannot wait to celebrate his birthday! We have been completely and utterly exhausted with all of our exciting happenings but it is not going to hold us down from gettin' a little loose and celebrating over cocktails! Can I get an "Amen!"? gal pals.  I am not sure what types of shenanigans we will get ourselves into just yet, but our birthday celebrations never disappoint! Bring on the booze! 

4. Bake:  My sweet honeybee never asks for much on a daily basis, but especially when it comes to his birthday.  In the years that we have been together, his only request is a pumpkin pie for his birthday. Up until I started making my honeybee his birthday pie, I could not stand the taste of pumpkin. I know, I know what you are thinking: a gal who doesn't like pumpkin? Well don't you fret, ladies and gents, I have somehow come around. This year's pie will be slightly different since I need to put a little more elbow work into it. No more easy pies, that's for sure. I found this recipe for Vegan Pumpkin Pie. Last night I ventured over to Trader Joe's for the ingredients and tonight I will be on my way to [hopefully] making the world's best vegan pumpkin pie. Phew! Wish me luck! 

What are your plans this weekend, ladies and gents? I would love to hear all about it! See you back here on Monday! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oh, Snap!

Stop Worrying: Well, our living room is currently swamped with boxes from floor to ceiling and we have yet to even put our bed together. Rooms are still left unpainted and I can't find half of what I need. What can you do, chickadees? It is what it is. As much as I hate that phrase, it's true.  My Type-A-ness is slowly dying inside every time I turn the corner and see our house in shambles. Typical little Miss Jenna over here wanting things to be perfect right away. There are just not enough hours in the day to juggle all of the things that need accomplished. Of course my honeybee is always there to assure me that it will all be finished perfectly but that it just takes time.  Time takes time, you know [cue Ben Fold's here]. Until then, you can find us sleeping on the pull out couch like a college kid. Glamorous, isn't it?

Yummy Food + Pretty Design: Right before we skipped town, my honeybee and I stopped for juice and a quick lunch at Alchemy in German Village. If you are a local reader, do yourselves a favor and hop over to try this lovely place out! The design of this small space transported me out to California and I was instantly in love. All of the juices that I tried were wonderful [The Cacao Cashew Mylk was a special treat!]. The food was not only healthy, but absolutely delicious! We were so sad that this place opened as we were on our way out of the neighborhood because we would have definitely been regulars at this hot spot. I am sure we will make our way there again soon. It's not every day that you find a place this good. Have any of you ladies or gents tried it out yet? If you are interested in exploring the menu, you can find it here. 

Unplug + Recharge: If you hadn't noticed, last week I unplugged from the social media world. Life was a little overwhelming so I took the time to unplug and recharge. I have to be honest gal pals, it was a little difficult to do at first. Lucky for me, I am terrible at charging my phone so once my phone died, I pretty much lost connection to the outside world. I sure did miss y'all but it was also good for the soul to just unplug and live life for a while. I was unapologetically me. Over caffeinated and sleep deprived, but content with my life. I read somewhere recently that, "We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there, too.". Isn't that the truth, chickadees? 

Pure Barre Challenge: I think I had mentioned to y'all a little while back that I was taking the Pure Barre challenge this month. Thirty classes in thirty days. With how crazy our life has been these last couple of weeks, I didn't think that I was going to get very far in the challenge, but I think I doubted myself! It's amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it! As of today, I have made it to every single class! 21 classes in 21 days! Yippy skippy! Who says you don't have time in your day for a least an hour of exercise? I somehow managed to squeeze one hour in every day on top of working three jobs, packing, moving, and unpacking a brand new house. Keep your fingers and toesies crossed for me that I am able to finish strong. Next Wednesday will be my 500th class. Gotta keep the eye on the prize, guys and gals! 

Sweater Season: It sure does feel like fall here in good 'ol Ohio.  It's about time that I come to terms with the idea of unpacking my sweaters for layering weather.  My cozy cable knit sweater, puffer vest,  and loafers have all been repeat on the weekends. Perfect for cozy days when my honeybee and I are on the go. Beep! Beep!

Let's Keep It Together: That's what I keep telling myself as we unpack our boxes. Time to decorate and boxes to break down. I absolutely cannot wait to decorate this love nest of ours. We have ordered a couple large pieces that I am absolutely smitten with but I may even be more excited for the details. 

That's what's been happening in this world of mine these days! What about you, chickadees? 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Holy Swoon!

Happy Monday, chickadees! I'm back! I hope y'all didn't miss me too much but this gal pal of yours needed to take a little bloggity break to get a grip on our big move! Don't you worry, I will fill you in on the deets in due time! Our internet is hooked up + running so that means it's back to the blog I go!  Take a look at what made me squeal, "Holy Swoon!" while perusing the web this weekend:

[Ciccio Eyeglasses]:  Listen gal pals, I am still dreaming of a bright pair of specs to switch out on the daily. Red was always at the top of my list but these one caught my eye this weekend. Obviously they aren't the most practical but they sure are adorable. Perhaps I could rock these with all of my navy stripes. Unfortunately, my honeybee begs to differ.

[Infinity Necklace]:  I love the simplicity of this necklace. It has the perfect touch of happy hues without going overboard. I think that I will add this to my wish list. Until this pretty makes its way to my collection of pretty jewels, I will envision all of the silk tops that  I would pair this with. Holy swoon!

[Canan Pillow]: I am always perusing online for pillows because I think they are one of the most easiest and cost effective ways to jazz up any room. Adding new pillows to existing decor can bring about an entirely different feel to a space. These big eyes of mine have been drawn to kelly green pillows as I decorate our new love nest. I just love gray walls mixed with dark navy and a hint of kelly green. We shall see what we finally decide on since I am so indecisive but for now, these are the winner winner chicken dinner for our new sofa!

[The World Is Your Oyster]: My honeybee purchased this print for me a while back and it is probably my most cherished piece of art. It's so simple but always makes me smile when I happen to glance at it on the daily. Someday it will go in our baby nursery but for now, I will showcase it on our mantel. If you are looking for a lovely piece of art, look no further because this one is for you!

[Cashmere Long Sleeve Tee]: Have you ever slipped on a cashmere long sleeve tee? Sure the price is a little hefty, but I promise you, gal pals, it feels like heaven when you slip it on. The perfect weight and oh so cozy, my cashmere tee is one of my favorites! I  was hesitant to bite the bullet a few years ago but it's one that I always turn to when I need to grab an outfit before dashing out the door early during the week. Somehow my mini heart always makes an appearance with my tee. Who knew they were made for each other? Speaking of snazzy sweaters, J.Crew's new collection comes out today in stores and I cannot contain my excitement. I had a little sneak peak of the new goods and I am smitten with a handful of sweaters. You betcha that I am marching my tuchus into my local store today after work to try on all of my favorites, ladies and gents! Yippy Skippy! 

[Toe Pointed Flats]: Bows on toes will always be a classic in the fashion book o'mine! It's a darling detail that is [typically] done tastefully. I squealed when I spotted these adorable flats in red. I can just picture myself pairing them with navy stripes and boyfriend jeans or even one of my tartan skirts for the holidays. So adorable, right? The price is even better! 

[Colorblocked Leather Satchel]: Holy swoon, ladies and gents! I am smitten with this bag. It is perfect all the way down to the gold touched hardware. This bag screams classic + chic which is right up my alley these days! This would be a perfect investment piece that I would have for years to come. Weekend trips, we are comin' for you with this bag in hand! 

Hope this lovely loot brought a smile to your face! Now get out there and show Monday what'cha got!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bathroom Inspiration

Good news, gals and guys! It's official! We are homeowners! Yippy skippy! We closed on our house last night and cannot get the grins off of our faces. So much excitement! The instant that we stepped into our new love nest, I started envisioning how I was going to decorate our new space. I'm not sure why chickadees, but the first place that I was elated to decorate was the bathroom. Perhaps it was because it is a smaller space that can be put together quickly. The quicker we unpack, the quicker it will feel like home. Our bathroom is a lovely gray color with darling white fixtures so naturally I gravitated towards hints of navy and slight pops of color. Take a peek inside my new design details for the bathroom:

What do you think, gal pals? Do you approve?  I can't wait to show you what else is in store for our new love nest! Stay tuned!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Holy Swoon!

Happy Monday, chickadees! Hope y'all had a snazzy weekend! It was our last weekend here in our first love nest since we got married so we made the most of it by hoppin' around a few of our favorite spots yesterday morning! Take a look at what made me squeal, "Holy Swoon!" while perusing the web this weekend:

[Zip Sweater in Colorblock]: Let me just say gal pals that I absolutely adore this sweater [specifically the gray]! The other colors are fabulous, too, but the contrasted gray tones in the sleeves makes me weak in the knees! In case you were wondering, it is just as gorgeous in person as it is online. It reminds me of a cashmere version two years ago that I am sorry I passed up on.  If this sweater tickles your fancy, I suggest you size down. This pretty little number runs large! So cozy!

[Red Striped Heart Letterpress]: The simplicity of this card is what makes me grin from ear to ear. Sometimes a simple piece of snail mail goes a long way.  This will definitely be my go-to card when I am due to send off a piece of postal pick-me-ups, chickadees. If you are a lover of cheeky snail mail and have yet to hear of Thimblepress, you are missin' out. I just simply adore her work [oh and her puppy is just as adorable!]. 

[Stripe Trouser Socks]: This weekend was the first weekend that it truly felt like fall. I don't know about y'all but I am not about to welcome fall so easily after the winter we had last year [yuck!].  I pulled out my cable knit sweaters and puffer vest this weekend and wrestled the cold winds like a champ. These lovely socks would have been perfect to slip on when I was maxin' and relaxin' this weekend with my honeybee! 

[Seriously Darling]: The name of this bangle says it all: seriously darling! Kate Spade is always on point with their bracelets and this one is no exception, gal pals. I  would love to be sporting this one on my wrist. The gold and black details on this one are fabulous. Excuse me, seriously darling! 

[Places To Go, People To See]: There is usually one or two things that I stumble upon on the weekends that make my heart skip a beat and I know that I just cannot live without. This book my friends was the winner winner chicken dinner yesterday! Not even kidding.  I absolutely love this book and open it at least once a week when I need a little inspiration. I cannot wait to get my hands on this one because I know that it will be absolutely perfect! It's on preorder as we speak. Wouldn't it make a lovely coffee table book? So perfect!

[Heart Nightlight]: I have been eyeing this particular nightlight on Etsy for almost a year at this point, if not longer. I keep adding it to my cart only to take it out. I am the crazy gal pal. You know, the one that picks up cute baby onesies here and there because they are adorable and you just know that your future child, whoever and whenever that may be, will look just darling in it.  No shame! I want to add this lovely nightlight to my future baby fund. The details are wonderful! 

[Crunch Bunch Bank]: Since school has started, I think I have had three apples given to me by my little ones.  It is always a lovely surprise not to mention a complete treat when your three year olds carry a crunched up brown paper bag containing a shiny apple just for you. This apple bank makes me think of my little ones and I can't help but smile. So cheeky and fun!

[Charlotte Street Runner]: This past summer I purchased a similar runner from Pottery Barn and I am totally smitten with it. Every time my gal pals come over I get a lot of compliments about my  table runner. This one is actually the perfect size and would make for a lovely table scape for a night with your lady friends. Cocktails + dinner parties, anyone? You can count me in! 

Hope this lovely loot brought a smile to your face! Now get out there and show Monday what'cha got!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Pretty in Pink

Hip hip hooray! It's the weekend, y'all! My eyes are big eyed whenever they see a speck of pink. Up until a few years ago, this gal pal was not a fan of hot pink. Can you believe it? I can hardly believe it myself since anything hot pink magically hops its way into my cart wherever I go these days. Goodness help me if we have a little gal some day!

Enjoy your weekend, chickadees! See you back here on Monday for your weekly dose of Holy Swoon! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

This Week O'Mine

"Whatever's good for your soul, do that."

[Couch Potatoes]: Our nights this past week have consisted of a little packin' and a little bit of relaxin', ladies and gents.  Blake Shelton's southern charm pulls the strings on this little heart o'mine so my honeybee and I have a tradition of watching The Voice together. It may be slightly cheesy, but it's become our show over the years. We could have the busiest of days but once The Voice starts, the two of us usually stop what we are doing to have a little snuggle fest on the couch.  It helps bring us back to center when the crazies of the day get the best of us. I am so thankful for nights like these, chickadees! 

[Bloggity Blog]: Last night a handful of Columbus bloggers got together for a fabulous event at Denmark on High Street. It was the first time that I had made my way to this hot spot, but I was totally smitten with their drinks. I may or may not have squealed when I saw that one of their signature drinks was The Bee's Knees [totally made for me, right?]. It's always lovely to meet up with fellow bloggers to chit chat about the bloggin' world and all it's ups and downs. If only every week had a happy hour with fellow gal pals. I think the weeks would fly by that much quicker! Who is with me on this one?

[Time To Pack Up!]: We received the BEST news yesterday! My honeybee and I will close on our house next Tuesday!  Skit Skat Skoodle Doot! Flip Flip Flee!  We are beyond thrilled, you lovely people! Let the packing begin! I always forget how utterly exhausting it is to pack up an entire love nest. I am usually so ambitious until I realize how much we have. You betcha bottom dollar that I have my honey to-do lists made and ready to hit the trails. Just last night I attempted to pack up my shoe collection. No more then five minutes in and I was ready to toss them all out to the curb, gals. Too many shoes. I think it's safe to say that I am a little overwhelmed right now.

[Workin' On My Fitness]: Well chickadees, it's official. I signed up for the 30 day challenge at my local Pure Barre studio. 30 work outs in 30 days.  We shall see how it goes. I think thirty days will be a little tricky with the move and all of it's happenings so I will be happy if I make it to twenty days. The next time you see me ladies and gents, this little one will be rockin' a six pack and a lifted seat. Okay, I only kid. You better believe I will be workin' on my fitness at the barre, though! Wish me luck! I think I'm going to need it!

That's what has been happening this week in this world o'mine! What about you, chickadees? 
Happy Wednesday!