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Friday, September 5, 2014

Weekend Recap: Cha-Chaing Off To Chicago!

Last weekend my honeybee and I cha-chaed off to Chicago for a much needed weekend getaway. The trip could not have started off any better than a three hour plane delay [so predictable, right?] so we celebrated the best way our little hearts could-endless drinks at the airport bar, of course! Thanks to our delightful bartender supplying the bottomless cocktails, I was not even mad one bit! By the time our plane arrived, we quickly jetted off to Chi-town just in time to snag a view of the sunset mid-flight. We eventually made our way to our hotel downtown via the train but that was after my honeybee so smoothly dragged us twelve blocks in the wrong direction, luggage and all.  Yikes!  By the time we got to our hotel, my buzz was wearing off and I was ready to refuel on the booze. Hotel bars are the bee's knees when you have the travel woos, chickadees! 

We celebrated this weekend the best way we know how: shopping, sight-seeing, relaxing, eating, and a LOT of walking. 

[Relaxing]: On Saturday, my honeybee surprised me with a day at the spa.  It was nice to be pampered for the day and freshen up after a week back to work! I was tickled when the salon only carried Essie nail polish and I knew that we were off to a wonderful start to my day.   I was totally smitten with my new color- Fifth Avenue. I think it might become a new favorite of mine! Originally when I checked the weather, it said that it was going to rain so you can imagine my excitement when we put our feet up at the beach on Sunday afternoon to soak up the sun! This little lady did not go in the water- it was way too cold! 

[Shopping]: I felt like a little girl at Disney World when we made our way to Michigan Avenue.  Bugged eyed and all, I quickly zipped and zoomed in between the crowds of people to inch closer to my favorite stores.  Good thing my honeybee could keep up because at the rate I was movin', I would have been long gone without him otherwise! I couldn't wait to explore in all of my favorite stores that we don't have here in good 'ol Columbus like Zara, Top Shop, + Club Monaco. I was able to grab a few great pieces including the most comfortable wrap, top, and blouse.  I even snagged this men's cable knit sweater in an extra small and plan to wear it oversized this fall with my leggings, vest, and riding boots. Hello fall wardrobe!
[Food]:  Big cities always have such great food to choose from that I can never make a decision. My honeybee and I usually end up in a silent death glare because neither of us can ever decide where we want to go.  It is not uncommon for him to finally give in to make a suggestion and I am oh so quick to say "no." I know it sounds terrible guys and gals but by that time, I am so incredibly hungry I don't even want to eat anymore. I guess it's true when people say they get "hangry"- it'll get ya! With that said, we did end up eating at a lot of great places. The best part that we were able to stick with our plant based diet at just about everywhere we went! Some of our favorite places that we stopped at this weekend were: The Chicago Diner [all vegan, and oh so delish!], Le Colonial [cutest date spot!], and Bistrot Zinc [the best crepes!].  Big Star in Wicker Park had a snazzy outdoor patio and the most authentic potato tacos I have ever tasted.  For a hot second, I felt like I was transported to somewhere in the heart of Texas! It was the perfect spot to grab margaritas + snack on a few tacos for our Sunday afternoon. So delightful!  

[Sight Seeing]: A weekend trip to Chicago would not be complete without a day's worth of sight seeing! We spent Monday eating brunch at The Gage [The pancakes were DELISH!] before we ventured over to the Bean + eventually the Field Museum. My honeybee and I have a slight obsession with The Vow [it's a guilty pleasure], so we may or may not have spent the afternoon spotting our favorite places from the movie and secretly reenacting them when no one was looking. What can I say lovely people, we are kind of smitten with each other.

[Walking]:  I should preface this by saying that the fashionista in me did the absolute best that I could do to not overpack for a four day getaway. I thought I was doing my best when I only packed three pairs of shoes. My honeybee was not impressed when we got to the hotel and he found out that I didn't pack a single pair of kicks.  Whoopsies! By the second day, my feet were exploding with blisters. What's a gal to do? We quickly became friends with the local clerks at the corner CVS.  Everything was going swell until we had to stumble back in to CVS on our way back to the airport because I came down with the absolute worst  timing to get two ear infections right before we had to hop on the plane.  Let me tell ya, traveling with two ear infections and flying on a plane is a nightmare and incredibly painful! You can bet that I have been keeping it low-key this week and trying to recover the best way that I know how- a lot of shut eye! 

Enjoy your weekend, chickadees! Do you have anything snazzy planned? See you back here Monday for your weekly dose of Holy Swoon! 

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