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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Animal House

photo credit: puppy pal

Well, the honeybee has jetted off for the next couple of days for a work trip so here I am holding down our little love nest while he is away, chickadees.  Just me, the cat, and our two pups. It sounds like complete and total freedom, right? Wrong. Oh, so very wrong.  Here I thought that I was going to hop to it and surprise my honeybee with a room full of packed boxes but instead what I got was a house full of animals that need to be watched closer than a baby who just learned that their feet were made for walkin'. Seriously, I live in an animal house.

I will admit, I am a little spoiled when it comes to contributing to daily to-dos around here. My honeybee is a charm! He packs my lunch, does the dishes, and gets the pups fed and ready before the sun comes up.  It sure makes my day start off rather smoothly on the daily but makes for an utter nightmare when he is not around.  

For instance, our oldest pup, Lucy, has select hearing. Yes, you read that correctly.  She clearly loathes the sound of my voice because no matter what I say, she tunes me out completely. The gal is on meds because she has separation anxiety from my honeybee. It sounds rather silly, but it is sad and true. She literally starves herself until my honeybee comes back.  Poor gal. Although she is a little older, she can't be trusted. Just last night, I had to zip off to my barre class when whoopsies [my mistake!], I forgot to put the baby gate up. You can just picture the look on my face when I walked into a house that was completely turned into shambles. Every trash can in our love nest was torn to shreds not only downstairs but upstairs, too. She ate through two pairs of my yoga pants, and completely chewed up my lunchbox that I ever so conveniently left on the kitchen table.  Meanwhile, our other pup barked so much while he was in his cage, he lost his dinner everywhere. If you know me gal pals, you are probably giggling at me by this point because you know that this is out of my element. Babies- no problem. Dogs- I just can't. Now do you understand me, ladies and gents, when I say I live in an animal house? Yikes! 

I figured the only way to calm these little rascals down was by braving a walk through the village, but I think I was a little bit of an over achiever at that point. Can you picture all 89 pounds of me walking two dogs twice the size of me on a walk? I was free entertainment for my fellow walkers last night because my puppy pals ended up walking me! Honeybee, if you are reading this, I think it's time for you to come home now! 

Take a look at some of my favorite puppy picks from Waggo + Charlie Be Good:

Keep your fingers and toes crossed that I can keep the fort down while my honeybee is away!  

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  1. The honeybee's work view is amazing! Saw it on Insta and was jealous. Sure beats the four walls of my classroom! These picks for the dog-children are precious!!! Might have to pick up that pencil toy and polka dot leash for Crew.