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Monday, September 8, 2014

Holy Swoon!

Happy Monday, chickadees! Hope you had a lovely weekend!  Take a look at what made me squeal, "Holy Swoon!" while perusing the web this weekend:

[Striped Teepee]: This year one of the teachers in my building added an adorable teepee outside of her door. All of the little ones are able to sit inside the tent and read a book or engage with other children. Every time I walk past I can hear the children communicating with one another and it makes me instantly want one of my own. I think that this would be the perfect touch to any home or therapy room for little ones. What a great way to elicit language! This striped one is absolutely perfect! Huzzah!

[Metal Chairs]: I mentioned last week that my honeybee and I were able to munch on a lot of delectable food while we were visiting in Chicago. Big Star was one of our favorite places and we instantly fell in love with their yellow metal chairs outside on their patio. Project Home Renovate will be in full bloom once we purchase our new home within the next couple of weeks. These yellow metal chairs are on the top of my list to add to our dining room table.  

[Weekend Sweatshirt]: Pretty soon fall weather will mean cozy sweatshirts and warm socks [hello, Bean boots!].  Just this past weekend, I reached for one of my favorite fall sweaters as I was on my way out the door to yoga because it was just cool enough that I needed something warm. This weekend sweater would be the perfect piece to pull on during the weekends when you and your love bug are sharing secrets over a warm cup of coffee on a Sunday morning.  Let the cuddle fests begin!

[Scalloped Flats]:  Don't get me wrong, I love comfy kicks every now and then but what really tickles my fancy is a pretty pair of flats.  They are a little more difficult to come by these days if you ask me, but I jumped up and did a little kick when I spotted these pink ones last weekend. The detailing is on point with this pair.  What I wouldn't give to add these to my collection! 

[Britt Bass Print]: Listen you lovely people, I could swoon over Britt's work for hours on end.  She totally understands my love for all things color.  If you know me in the real world, you would know how much I loved her work even more when I found out she was in Atlanta, Georgia.  I die. If you are a happy hued lover like myself, you will certainly love her work. I am torn between the He & I or the Summer print. Help a sister out! What is your favorite, guys and gals?

[Magazine Box]: Navy stripes have been my jam lately and I cannot help but swoon over these magazine boxes from Design Darling!  It's the perfect touch to any office space. I must say, my J.Crew catalog collection would fit quite nicely in a couple of these pretty little things. Wouldn't you agree? 

[Newgate Wall Clock]:  I have been smitten with this wall clock since I first laid my pretty eyes on it almost two years ago.  It just screams vintage to me! Our kitchen is a caboodle of Anthropologie favorites that I just could not live without.  Anthropologie always manages to suck me into their home section every time I step foot in the beloved store. I cherish each and every piece that I have purchased and can't help but grin ever so big whenever I use anything when I cook. I wouldn't mind adding this lovely clock on our kitchen wall.  Isn't it the bee's knees?

[Bite Beauty Lip Creme]: I tested this lovely lip creme over the weekend and I have to say, it felt like heaven on my lips! Heavens to Betsy, I am not even kidding.  Cashmere lip creme? Yes, please! It went on my lips like butter on toast. What I loved most about this creme was that it was not too shiny. It was a matte finish but was just the perfect consistency.  I put one coat on my pretty lips and the stain lasted the entire day. You can betcha that this product is being added to my makeup must-haves! 

Hope this lovely loot brought a smile to your face! Now get out there and show Monday what'cha got!


  1. I’ve been eyeing that “weekend” sweater too! Bring on the fall temps and chilly mornings!

  2. I cannot agree with you any more! Comfy sweaters and warm cups of coffee-- squeal! I cannot wait! xoxo