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Monday, September 1, 2014

Holy Swoon!

Happy Monday, chickadees! Hopefully you have the day off and are able to kick back and put your feet up because you deserve it! Take a look at what made me squeal, "Holy Swoon!" while perusing the web this weekend:

[Reusable Shopping Tote]: I have quite the collection of Baggu bags that I keep stashed in my car for when I am on grocery duty. Thankfully, my honeybee usually does the grocery shopping but I tend to chip in on this daunting task every now and then. My happy hued bags always make my shopping experience just slightly more enjoyable than me lugging plastic bags around.  This Kate Spade one is super adorable and would fit in with my other bags just perfectly!  I wouldn't mind volunteering to go grocery shopping after work with this pretty thing as long as I can sneak a bouquet of flowers or a bar of dark chocolate inside!

[Bee Happy Smoking Slipper]: I was totally bummed when I missed out on a similar version of these pretty shoes last year. You can imagine how tickled I was when I happened to spot them at my local C. Wonder last week. I can just seem myself grinning from ear to ear when wearing this pair.  Wouldn't they be quite the conversation piece? Holy swoon!

[Stationary Set]: Mara Mi always carries the prettiest paper parcels and this one is no exception. It's so simple but so darling. I wouldn't mind sending these out to my snail mail pals!

[Anchor Bottle Opener]: Summer may be over soon but that will not stop my love for all things anchor! That includes this snazzy bottle opener I spotted! Mark & Graham has been a favorite online shop of mine for quite some time. Although they are more of a quiet member of the William Sonoma family, it doesn't make me adore them any less. I am completely swooning over all of their bags and the fact that they offer free monogramming. Can you believe it? It's too good to be true, I tell ya! It may be a little out of my price range these days but  I absolutely love this Weekender Bag. A gal can dream!

[Oh Darling Print]: This print takes me back to our trip for our honeymoon and all of the adventures my honeybee and I got into while making our way across the country in Italy.  This weekend we hopped on a plane and headed to Chicago for a little getaway. Nothing makes me more excited than getting lost in a city with someone I love. I am not talking exploring via Google Maps either.  I secretly hope that our cell phones die so that we can just find the best hidden gems together completely unexpected. It's the little things, my dears!

[Canvas Overnight Bag]: This crewcuts bag is way too cute to only be used by little ones.  A hot pink and white color block bag would make for the perfect gym bag! How can I resist its happy hues and free shipping? Crewcuts wins my heart every single time. I may need an intervention when I have kiddos of my own because I don't think I can resist  all of crewcuts and J.Crew baby's adorableness. 

[Things We Love Keychain]: Snazzy keychains are hard to come by these days. This one has the perfect touch of gold + pink [a personal color combination favorite of mine!]! 

[Quilted Vest]: I don't know about you lovely people, but I cannot wait until fall weather arrives.  Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year because there are so many wonderful things to do outside.  Apple picking, pumpkin carvings, and crisp nights are just some of my favorite parts about fall.  I get giddy just thinking about it!  My quilted vest is a staple piece in my closet for nights when the weather can change like the drop of a hat. If you have been eyeing a vest for a while you may want to order it sooner rather than later. Before you know it, those pretties will be gone! I have been contemplating adding the cream color to my wardrobe this year. I just love my navy vest!

[Cocktails Extra Large Matchbox]: Oh hey, pretty matchbox! How fabulous would this be on your coffee table or desk? It's the perfect touch to add a little detail into your darling space! Like I always say- it's all in the details, chickadees! I plan on picking a few of these up as part of housewarming gifts for my gal pals who recently purchased new homes. Cocktails for everyone!

[Loren Hope Zoe Studs]:  It is a well known fact that this little lady does not leave the house without my pave stud earrings. I just cannot do it.  Without them, I feel completely naked. I have been known from time to time to make a pit stop and purchase a replacement pair while I am out if I happen to forget to put them in before I leave the house. I am crazy, I know.  I have been eyeing these pretty Lore Hope studs for a while now.  I think that they would make a lovely every day pair that I could just slip on and go. Not too much going on, but just the right amount to jazz it up a bit. Wouldn't you agree?

Hope this lovely loot brought a smile to your face! Now get out there and show Monday what'cha got!

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