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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hip Hip Hooray!


So you lovely people, I have some exciting news that I couldn’t wait to share with ya’ll! My honeybee and I are [almost] homeowners! Squeal! After a crazy and overly emotional week last week, we finally can say that we are purchasing our first home! You can cross that one off of our life list! Hip! Hip! Hooray! 

I should probably rewind to last week and fill you in on a few of the [emotional] deets, shouldn't I? Last week was a whirlwind of emotions after we put an offer on a house.  After viewing the house and immediately putting an offer in, we had to wait an entire 48 hours only to find out that we did not get the house. We were completely crushed, chickadees. Putting a bid in on a house is nerve-wracking in itself but it was our first house we had ever put an offer in on so I was completely sick to my stomach. I think I held my breath until our realtor got back to us and even then I was so devastated that I don't think I ate for two whole days. Talk about total buzz kill. Woof. We totally thought it was the one for us, ladies and gents. 

Of course I swore of home-buying for a total of two days when last Friday night my honeybee and I met up with our realtor [how is that for a hot date] to take a look at a couple of homes.  The first few were not to my liking so we dashed out the door quicker than you can say on to the next one [insert Jay-Z song here].  Not even kidding, I blasted this jam between home viewings in my honeybees ride. If you can't tell, this little gal is all about keepin' it real up in the 'burbs. 

I think the Big Guy upstairs was lookin' out for us, guys and gals, because when we walked into the fourth and final house, I knew we met our match. We quickly or should I say, impulsively, put another offer in and within twelve hours we found out that they accepted our offer and now we are in contract! Hip! Hip! Hooray! 

Maybe some of of you already home owners or maybe you are just starting your home search. While everyone is different, I thought that I would share a few little tid-bits that my honeybee and I have personally learned recently when it comes to purchasing a home:

[Start Early]: Even if you are no where near purchasing your home, start early and look online. I think my honeybee and I were actively looking online for an entire year before we were ready to venture out into the real world and actually look at homes. We only physically looked at homes for a total of one week before we made an offer. I kept asking my honeybee if we were acting too impulsively but I had to stop and remind myself that we had been scoping the market for over a year. By the time we were out on the town and looking at homes, we knew exactly what we liked and what we didn't like. 

[Know Your Market]: This goes back to my first point, chickadees, know your market. In the area that we purchased our home, houses sell anywhere from within the first day to the first week. It's competitive, frustrating, and [can be] cut-throat.  Know where you want to be and stick to your guns. It's not something to take lightly, so do your research. Check out the schools, know the comps in the area that you are looking at. It's all about strategy and planning for what is best for your future.

[Be Willing To Compromise]:  I think this goes without saying. Especially if you have watched endless episodes of House Hunter marathons late on a Saturday night like we do [or maybe we are just that lame]. Either way, you are never going to find the perfect house, ladies and gents. Be willing to compromise on the little things but don't settle. If there is something that is a definite must, don't let the smaller needs on your list trump what is most important.

[Don't Take It Too Personally]: I think this is something that was the hardest for me to learn throughout this entire process.  To you, it's personal because you are envisioning yourself living in a space and making memories with your loved ones. For others, it's a business transaction. They aren't going to care that your table would fit perfectly in that dining room or that the back room would be the perfect [future] baby room. If it doesn't work in your favor, you gotta pick yourself up and start over, chickadees. May the best house, win! 

[Enjoy The Process]: Purchasing any home, whether it is your first or fifth, doesn't happen very often.  My honeybee is quick to get wrapped up in all of the numbers while I am too busy envisioning paint colors and home decor.  Really take time to enjoy the moment. You've worked hard to get that down payment and deserve to have a little fun. If you are anything like my honeybee and I, we enjoyed an adult beverage or two after our showings. Life is all about balance, lovely people!

So there you have it, our exciting news! Our realtor was the bee's knees and really listened to what we were looking for. If you have any tips, do share! In the meantime, you lovely people can find me packing boxes upon boxes for the next few weeks, thats for sure!


  1. Oh my goodness! Yay! Can't wait to hear all the details tomorrow!!

    1. So happy we were able to get together tonight over drinks! It's always so much fun!

  2. YAY! So happy for you two! I wish I could take you out for a drink to celebrate :)

    1. Thanks gal pal! We are so excited! Wouldn't that be the bee's knees if we could grab a drink + just have hour long chit chats! Hopefully someday! xoxo

  3. Awesome! Congratulations!! How fun it will be to decorate :):)

    1. Thanks so much, lady! My mind has been on overload with all of my decorating wishes! Let the fun begin! :)