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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hello! Hello! Hello!

This week I am bringing my classrooms to my bloggity blog! This is the first full week that we are back to school which means that lesson plans are in full swing.  The theme of the week for all of my preschool classrooms has been All About Me. Just imagine yourself in a room with a handful of three year olds talking about themselves and you can betcha that this week has been a hoot! I thought that I would spread the sunshine and share a few tidbits about myself.  I hope you lovely people are having a swell week!


  1. YOU are SO darn cute! I just love it. I am an ice coffee drinker + a peony/ranuncula lover. oh & jenna lyons + olivia palermo are my style icons. also, im a perfectionist! we can be twins.

    oh & I am coming to Ohio tomorrow ... for a wedding! I wish we could meeeett!

    1. I am so sad that I missed you while you were in CBus! I hope you had a good time! You will have to let me know if you were able to explore at all after the wedding! And yes- I agree! I wish we could have met! I guess that just means we need to officially plan something in the books! xoxo