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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

10 Things I've Learned From Pure Barre: 450 Classes Later

Many of us started Pure Barre because we wanted to lose weight.  Maybe we had a wedding to get in shape for [guilty!],  just had a baby, or wanted to fit in those jeans we couldn't slip into since college.  Whatever it was, we started it, we loved it, and we became obsessed.  

My next goal in my Pure Barre world is to reach 500 classes.  As of today, I am proudly at 450 classes.  With only fifty classes left to go, I think that now would be as good of a time as ever to share what I have learned from barre.  At this point in the game, we know that we must have those sticky socks, tuck our hips under, and soften the standing leg during seat work. Some of us might be able to keep our hands on the barre during leg extensions or maybe we use those five pound weights during arms. We've seen what Pure Barre can do for our bodies [hello abs and lifted seat!] but at this point for me, it's all about the mind, chickadees! 

1. Push Yourself But Know Your Limits: 

I think this is so important to consider when you first start taking classes.  The first time I saw my fellow barre gals holding plank for 90 seconds or holding their legs at a ninety degree angle during ab work my mouth dropped.  The first thing that came to my mind was, "I want to do that and I want to do that NOW."  The second thing was, "Heavens to Betsy, this hurts!"  Challenge yourself. Push yourself a little farther but also know your limits. If it literally hurts to use those five pound weights, then forget it, lady. Your body is not going to get fit overnight, nor is it going to show any results when you are skipping the middle step. Slow and steady wins the race! 

2. If You Get Burnt Out, Take A Break [You WILL Be Back!]: 

I can't believe I am even saying this, but after religiously attending over 275 classes, I stopped going. Yes, you read that correctly.  I just stopped.  For an entire year. You might as well just slap my wrists now because it was a terrible decision, my dears.  You can imagine how painful it was getting back into the swing of things, but this little lady needed a break.  During the school year, I take the early classes [I'm talking 5:45 and 6:30 a.m. early]. On top of work, outside commitments, and married life, I stretched myself too thin and was completely burnt out. Going to barre wasn't as fun as it was before and I found myself dreading the exercises. Call me crazy all you want but I decided Pure Barre and I needed a little breaky-break.  There is a reason they call it a Mind-Body connection and the two were not flowing. I could tell the immediate changes in my body once I stopped going. My body did not feel or look as defined as it once did, my energy levels were low, and I was not as happy-go-lucky as I normally was.  My honeybee was sick of hearing me complain and after a much needed break, I was back at it and loving life again! I get it. You have your mind on the prize- 100 classes, 250 classes, a lifted seat, whatever it is. If you find yourself burning out, just take a break.  Your mind will thank you and once it's ready, your body will too. 

3.  Pure Barre Will Give You Confidence To Try Other Things: 

I should preface this by saying that before I started Pure Barre, I was far from the fitness obsessed gal that I am today.  I paid no attention to how I ate, did not engage in fitness activities, and really enjoyed trash T.V. and naps on the couch after work.  I quickly traded in nights on the couch for early bed times so that I could get up in the morning for class. For the first three months my honeybee thought that I was crazy when I ugly cried if I happened to not get into a 7:30 A.M. class on a Saturday. Since starting Pure Barre, we have not only lost weight, we've adopted a plant-based diet, and are living a much more active lifestyle TOGETHER. Remember when I told you that I had a slight break up with Pure Barre? Well, within that time frame, I didn't completely break-up with my new active lifestyle.  I decided that I needed to shake it up a bit and try something new!  We tried yoga and are now slightly obsessed! Never did I ever think I would be sitting next to my honeybee in a hot yoga class doing handstands. As ridiculous as it sounds, I honestly do not think that my life would be where it is today if Pure Barre had not opened my eyes to a healthier lifestyle and given me the confidence to try other things.

4. Pep Talks Are Necessary- F Bombs And All!:

There is a reason that your barre instructor always chimes in to say "You are stronger than you think!" just when you are about to put that leg down during the most painful seat series. That's because you are! It's probably around that time that you're mumbling a few profanities under your breath. It's okay to admit. I may or may not say a few myself. Listen gal pal, pep talks are SO very necessary. Sometimes a gal needs to talk herself up in order to get the job done.  You gotta do whatever it takes because once she counts to ten you are going to be so proud of yourself for finishing, not to mention tickled pink that it's o-v-e-r [That is, unless it's time to work the other side during seat work- YIKES!]

5. Be Okay With Every Class: 

My honeybee has a habit of asking me how Pure Barre was every day because he knows my answer is never the same. Same days I walk out of class feeling like I did my absolute best and other days I feel like I am back at square one.  That is just the nature of the beast. It's your body telling you that it's tired after you killed it during yesterdays workout. Days when you are on the top of your game means that you are just Pure Barre fabulous. You go girl! Whatever it is, you must be okay with every class. Be proud of yourself for how far you've come since you started your journey and keep your eye on how far you can go. Your booty is only going to look better and your stomach is only going to get flatter, sister!

6."The Best Project You'll Ever Work On Is You": 

From the moment you walk into the doors until the moment you leave, it's all about you.   You don't have any responsibilities except for working on yourself. No cell phones to check, no babies to chase around, no emails to respond to. Complete and utter freedom if you ask me! One complete hour to set the tone for the rest of your day. Personally, I like to start my day off with barre but I realize that it's not realistic for all of you lovely ladies out there.  Whatever fitness you are into, remember to work on yourself.  How you treat your body shows the love that you have for yourself. When you improve your own self you will inevitably inspire others to improve their own lives. You work hard each and every day- it's time to show your self a little [Pure Barre] love. 

7. Don't Compare Yourself To Others:

This can be so difficult do to sometimes [see number 5], but just don't do it.  The important thing to remember is to focus on yourself [see number 6].  Some barre gals are just starting out while others are 350 classes in.  Let yourself shine, sugar. You got this!

8. It's O.K. To Laugh At Yourself
In the past week, I think I have laughed at myself at least four times during class. Sometimes I get so into the zone that I end up far away in my own little world. Whoopsies! I can be way off than the rest of the class and my adorable instructor comes over and corrects me. That's when I laugh at myself and keep going. What's a workout if you can't have fun? I have learned since starting to not take myself so seriously. Because really chickadees, it is not that serious. If I catch myself with a death glare in the mirror, you betcha that I am going to flash myself a little smile. Kind of ridiculous I know, but it feels oh so good. Don't believe me? You should try it! If you need a little laugh, you can always hop on over to this hilarious tumblr that sums everything up so very nicely. In case you were wondering, the good stuff starts on page two. If you have yet to discover this little gem, you can thank me later. 

9. Buy The Cute Clothes 

While cute clothes are not necessary, they certainly add a little pep in my step during my daily workouts. The fashionista in me just cannot show up in a baggy t-shirt.  There is something about colorful workout attire that makes me work a little harder and tuck a little sharper. I think I have enough Lululemon [especially after this happened] to dress an entire class but these leggings are quickly becoming a favorite of mine!

10. Never Stop Pushing Yourself

You would think that after 450 classes my legs would stop shaking or my abs would stop trembling but no ladies, they haven't. That's the beauty of barre, you can always push yourself a little harder and always see results.  That in itself will make me a Pure Barre gal for life!

So gal pals, what have you learned on your Pure Barre journey? 
I would love to hear your side of the story!
Interested in Pure Barre but don't know where to start? You can see what all of the hype is all about here  and find the closest studio near you. Don't have a studio nearby? No problem!  You can purchase DVD series to get your sweat on at home [no barre required!]. I'm a personal fan of the Mile High Package!

[Thanks Pure Barre Columbus for the photos!]

See you at the barre!


  1. I just read this blog - found it while searching on for barre inspiration for a new friend I have going with me this week and want to send her tips! I LOVED THIS! This made me smile, nod my head, and just laugh. I'm sharing this with my friends and I'm going to read it over and over. I too, had a breakup with barre, and just recommitted to our relationship and YES my happy go lucky attitude is back!! You are just so spot on! Thanks for writing this - I can't wait to read more on your blog!! :)

  2. For someone who hasn't who worked out in 3 years and decided to try the barre,thank you for the very encouraging words. I was very discouraged after leaving class yesterday while everyone in the room was able to touch their toes and put their head to the side during stretches while I could only go a quarter of the way, I really questioned what I was doing. After reading this, I am encouraged to keep going and hopefully I'll make it to the 100 class Club. Thanks again!