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Friday, August 29, 2014

Let's Take Five

[One]: Live Colorfully has always been my motto when it comes to getting dressed every day. I love spreading a little sunshine wherever I may be.  This outfit inspired me this week as I started to think about transition pieces for fall.  Stripes are always such a classic piece and the pops of color help keep summer around just a tad bit longer.  What has inspired you for fall, gal pals? I have been on the hunt for the perfect oversized open cardigan [preferably in Navy!] No such luck! I guess that just means this little lady will be on the hunt! 

[Two]: This week I am thankful for phone calls with my mama. She lives so very far away from me and it often makes me feel a little lonely to be honest. I am so envious of other gals who have their mom's who live so close. I would love to just call my mom up to have her over for dinner or even to stop over and head out for a gal's day of shopping.  Hopefully this long distance thing is not forever because I sure do miss her. For now, I will be thankful for phone calls and chit chats about silly things I did in my childhood that I may or may not remember.  

[Three]: Just the other day I was thinking about my gal Jenna Lyons and wondering why she had been so hush-hush as of late.  I hadn't seen her in the news or oozed over any new photos of her snazzy style.  That is, until this week.  Heaven's to Betsy! In case you Jenna fans were living under a rock,  Into The Gloss featured an article with Jenna and her favorite beauty products. It's definitely worth a read if you have yet to catch up on the latest deets from the Queen herself.  Oh what I wouldn't give to share a martini [or pint of Jeni's Salted Caramel] with the gal!

[Four]: Today at 7:00 my honeybee and I are hopping on a plane and heading to Chicago. We could not be more excited!  I think I have been dreaming about sippin' on a cocktail or two at the airport bar for at least five days now [Not even kidding!]. Four days of bliss together with no responsibilities other than making serious decisions like where to stuff our faces and which shop to peruse through next.  It is much needed and well deserved!   If you follow me on Instagram, I apologize now because I may go a little crazy with my picture takings.  Put a gal in a pretty city and she will get a little snap happy! Whoopsies! 

[Five]: The start of the school year has been quite the change from my lazy summer day these past couple of months.  I am now back to the 4:50 a.m. wake up calls and sometimes eleven hour work days.  Yikes! Sometimes I feel like there are not enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished. I am slowing trying to accept the fact that I just may not get it all done, my dears.  At least I have my coffee to keep me company! 

Happy Friday, chickadees! Do you have something snazzy planned for this weekend? 
See you back here on Monday!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hello! Hello! Hello!

This week I am bringing my classrooms to my bloggity blog! This is the first full week that we are back to school which means that lesson plans are in full swing.  The theme of the week for all of my preschool classrooms has been All About Me. Just imagine yourself in a room with a handful of three year olds talking about themselves and you can betcha that this week has been a hoot! I thought that I would spread the sunshine and share a few tidbits about myself.  I hope you lovely people are having a swell week!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Holy Swoon!

Happy Monday, chickadees! Take a look at what made me squeal, "Holy Swoon!" while perusing the web this weekend:

[Suede d'Orsay Flats]: I recently purchased these in black and absolutely love them! Purchasing a plain 'ol pair of black flats was not the most exciting wardrobe staple to add to my closet but it was just the upgrade I needed. They are super comfy and not to mention chic! A must have for every fashionista if you ask me! I cannot wait to add these pretty blue ones too my closet, too! A gal can never have too many shoes!

[Decorative Paper Tape]: I did a little happy dance this weekend when I stumbled upon this darling washi tape set by Kate Spade. Kate Spade has the most adorable snail mail sets so you can imagine how loud I squealed when I saw that Kate Spade was now carrying this. It's all in the details!

[Side-Zip Stripe Tee]: Not even kidding gals, I purchased this lovely stripe tee the day that it hit the floors.  I know what you are thinking- Jenna, you have enough stripe t-shirts and you don't even wear them [I'm a total button-up addict. Guilty as charged.].  Okay, so you may be correct but I just could not help myself.  First, let's talk about the adorable gold zipper detailing on this one.  So perfect! Second, let's talk about the fit.  This one is not just your average stripe t-shirt- it's oversized.  Perfectly oversized. Not too big and not too small. My initial thought when I came across this perfectly preppy little number was that it slightly reminded me of the Saint James Slouchy Tee.  I have tried to make the Saint James Tee work a handful of times but this gal is just way too petite for it.  Every single time I put it on, I was literally swimming it in.  Thank goodness for my newest addition because I cannot wait to style it with my boyfriend jeans and new pink heels.  They are on their way to me as we speak! Let's hope they fit my baby feet! 

[Mid-Century Mini Desk]:   We absolutely love our Parsons Desk from West Elm. However, I spotted this new Mid-Century Mini Desk while perusing my local West Elm this weekend and I am absolutely smitten with it, my dears!  After having the sleek Parson's desk in white, the Mid Century Mini Desk is a complete style upgrade. The drawers adorable knobs add just the perfect touch.  I can just picture this lamp and whimsy flower vase perfectly styled on top.  There is nothing mini about this desk other than it fits perfectly in small spaces.  Loft dwellers, this desk is definitely for you! 

[Kids' Herschel Supply Co. Backpack]:  I cannot get over the cuteness of this backpack. Don't be surprised if you happen to see me shamelessly carrying this one on my back because I am seriously tempted.  Pink and red stripes? It's like they read my mind! It wouldn't be the first time that my students and I strolled in wearing the same outfit! What can I say? My little ones have style!

[Pretzel Rattle]: This has to be one of the cutest baby rattles I have every laid my pretty eyes on. So many of my gal pals are expecting. I may need to sneak this one in their baby bags. It's too cute to pass up! 

[Lip Bullet]:  This weekend my honeybee and I will be heading to Chicago for a weekend away.  One of my first stops will be Top Shop, of course! I always love perusing through their make-up. The pretty packaging makes me want to try it all.  This Lip Bullet is on my list of things to grab this weekend. Have any of you lovely people tried it? 

[Bleeker SunSet Foldover Crossbody]:  When it comes to outfit details, I often will plan my outfits around one particular accessory.  Most of the time, it involves my handbag.   This leather cross body bag in Fuchsia is the bee's knees! It's the perfect pop of color to add a  bit of snazziness to any outfit. Cue the cute accessories!

Hope this lovely loot brought a smile to your face! Now get out there and show Monday what'cha got!

Friday, August 22, 2014

It's Friday! Treat Yo Self!

It's Friday! The best day of the week [cue Park + Recs skit here]!   Fridays are meant for you to treat yo self  because you totally deserve it! So today I am spreading the sunshine and suggesting five ways for you to do just that:

[Clothes]: Treat yo self! This Tuesday I stopped into J.Crew because I couldn't wait to check out their new arrivals. By the time I made it to the back of the store, I had a handful of things I couldn't wait to try one! This latest rollout from J.Crew was the bee's knees.  You can betcha that I walked out of J.Crew with this lovely top.  It was a match made in heaven I tell ya! 

[Fragrances]:Treat yo self! A gals gotta stay fresh, am I right? I don't know about you lovely people but I have a signature scent that I love to wear. I am totally smitten with Fresh's Citron de Vigne. I have it in lotion, body wash, and perfume. It smells so French [Is that even possible?]. Treat yo self to a fancy new fragrance this weekend! 

[Massages]: Treat yo self! Or how about a snazzy new pedi if you are into that sort of thing! Pretty soon it'll be boot season and our pretty toes will be out of sight.  Celebrate the last few weeks of sandal season by giving your toes-ies a fresh new coat of pretty polish. Snap Happy by Essie is always my personal favorite! 

[Mimosas]:  Treat yo self! Happy hour is callin' your name ladies + gents! If you are in Columbus you can find me at Mouton tonight sippin' on some tasty adult beverages. I've mentioned this lovely place before but I can't help but to mention it again. It has quickly become one of our most favorite spots to grab drinks.  Do yourself a favor and hop to it! Cheers my dears!

[Fine Leather Goods]: Treat yo self! It's not every day that you can treat yourself to a fancy new leather bag but this leather wallet in Chartreuse might be an exception.  It is not only adorable, but functional.  I can just see myself carrying this out on the town or stashing it in one of my bigger bags when I am on the go! [Hey honeybee, if you are reading this- take note!]

[Dance Parties]: Treat yo self! Sorry gals + guys but I just cannot stop bouncin' to Taylor Swift's new song "Shake It Off." I am completely and utterly obsessed! I tried my hardest to resist but after the first ten seconds of the song, I found myself zippin' and zoomin' around my house and haven't stopped listening to it ever since.  If you know me, you know I am so down with having my own personal dance parties no matter where I happen to be! One minute I am standing still and the next- I'm bustin' a move in the middle of J.Crew! Just yesterday I was stopped in rush hour traffic and this lovely tune just happened to come on. Perfect timing right? What made the song even better was the couple next to me clearly jammin' to the same station as I was! I glanced over and they were completely shakin' it off and groovin' every which way. It gave me the complete giggles and I joined in on the dance party.  I could't make this stuff up if I tried! Feeling the Friday slumps? Just turn this perfect tune on repeat and shake it off, sister!

Enjoy your weekend, lovely readers! Can't wait to see you back here on Monday for your weekly dose of Holy Swoon! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

10 Things I've Learned From Pure Barre: 450 Classes Later

Many of us started Pure Barre because we wanted to lose weight.  Maybe we had a wedding to get in shape for [guilty!],  just had a baby, or wanted to fit in those jeans we couldn't slip into since college.  Whatever it was, we started it, we loved it, and we became obsessed.  

My next goal in my Pure Barre world is to reach 500 classes.  As of today, I am proudly at 450 classes.  With only fifty classes left to go, I think that now would be as good of a time as ever to share what I have learned from barre.  At this point in the game, we know that we must have those sticky socks, tuck our hips under, and soften the standing leg during seat work. Some of us might be able to keep our hands on the barre during leg extensions or maybe we use those five pound weights during arms. We've seen what Pure Barre can do for our bodies [hello abs and lifted seat!] but at this point for me, it's all about the mind, chickadees! 

1. Push Yourself But Know Your Limits: 

I think this is so important to consider when you first start taking classes.  The first time I saw my fellow barre gals holding plank for 90 seconds or holding their legs at a ninety degree angle during ab work my mouth dropped.  The first thing that came to my mind was, "I want to do that and I want to do that NOW."  The second thing was, "Heavens to Betsy, this hurts!"  Challenge yourself. Push yourself a little farther but also know your limits. If it literally hurts to use those five pound weights, then forget it, lady. Your body is not going to get fit overnight, nor is it going to show any results when you are skipping the middle step. Slow and steady wins the race! 

2. If You Get Burnt Out, Take A Break [You WILL Be Back!]: 

I can't believe I am even saying this, but after religiously attending over 275 classes, I stopped going. Yes, you read that correctly.  I just stopped.  For an entire year. You might as well just slap my wrists now because it was a terrible decision, my dears.  You can imagine how painful it was getting back into the swing of things, but this little lady needed a break.  During the school year, I take the early classes [I'm talking 5:45 and 6:30 a.m. early]. On top of work, outside commitments, and married life, I stretched myself too thin and was completely burnt out. Going to barre wasn't as fun as it was before and I found myself dreading the exercises. Call me crazy all you want but I decided Pure Barre and I needed a little breaky-break.  There is a reason they call it a Mind-Body connection and the two were not flowing. I could tell the immediate changes in my body once I stopped going. My body did not feel or look as defined as it once did, my energy levels were low, and I was not as happy-go-lucky as I normally was.  My honeybee was sick of hearing me complain and after a much needed break, I was back at it and loving life again! I get it. You have your mind on the prize- 100 classes, 250 classes, a lifted seat, whatever it is. If you find yourself burning out, just take a break.  Your mind will thank you and once it's ready, your body will too. 

3.  Pure Barre Will Give You Confidence To Try Other Things: 

I should preface this by saying that before I started Pure Barre, I was far from the fitness obsessed gal that I am today.  I paid no attention to how I ate, did not engage in fitness activities, and really enjoyed trash T.V. and naps on the couch after work.  I quickly traded in nights on the couch for early bed times so that I could get up in the morning for class. For the first three months my honeybee thought that I was crazy when I ugly cried if I happened to not get into a 7:30 A.M. class on a Saturday. Since starting Pure Barre, we have not only lost weight, we've adopted a plant-based diet, and are living a much more active lifestyle TOGETHER. Remember when I told you that I had a slight break up with Pure Barre? Well, within that time frame, I didn't completely break-up with my new active lifestyle.  I decided that I needed to shake it up a bit and try something new!  We tried yoga and are now slightly obsessed! Never did I ever think I would be sitting next to my honeybee in a hot yoga class doing handstands. As ridiculous as it sounds, I honestly do not think that my life would be where it is today if Pure Barre had not opened my eyes to a healthier lifestyle and given me the confidence to try other things.

4. Pep Talks Are Necessary- F Bombs And All!:

There is a reason that your barre instructor always chimes in to say "You are stronger than you think!" just when you are about to put that leg down during the most painful seat series. That's because you are! It's probably around that time that you're mumbling a few profanities under your breath. It's okay to admit. I may or may not say a few myself. Listen gal pal, pep talks are SO very necessary. Sometimes a gal needs to talk herself up in order to get the job done.  You gotta do whatever it takes because once she counts to ten you are going to be so proud of yourself for finishing, not to mention tickled pink that it's o-v-e-r [That is, unless it's time to work the other side during seat work- YIKES!]

5. Be Okay With Every Class: 

My honeybee has a habit of asking me how Pure Barre was every day because he knows my answer is never the same. Same days I walk out of class feeling like I did my absolute best and other days I feel like I am back at square one.  That is just the nature of the beast. It's your body telling you that it's tired after you killed it during yesterdays workout. Days when you are on the top of your game means that you are just Pure Barre fabulous. You go girl! Whatever it is, you must be okay with every class. Be proud of yourself for how far you've come since you started your journey and keep your eye on how far you can go. Your booty is only going to look better and your stomach is only going to get flatter, sister!

6."The Best Project You'll Ever Work On Is You": 

From the moment you walk into the doors until the moment you leave, it's all about you.   You don't have any responsibilities except for working on yourself. No cell phones to check, no babies to chase around, no emails to respond to. Complete and utter freedom if you ask me! One complete hour to set the tone for the rest of your day. Personally, I like to start my day off with barre but I realize that it's not realistic for all of you lovely ladies out there.  Whatever fitness you are into, remember to work on yourself.  How you treat your body shows the love that you have for yourself. When you improve your own self you will inevitably inspire others to improve their own lives. You work hard each and every day- it's time to show your self a little [Pure Barre] love. 

7. Don't Compare Yourself To Others:

This can be so difficult do to sometimes [see number 5], but just don't do it.  The important thing to remember is to focus on yourself [see number 6].  Some barre gals are just starting out while others are 350 classes in.  Let yourself shine, sugar. You got this!

8. It's O.K. To Laugh At Yourself
In the past week, I think I have laughed at myself at least four times during class. Sometimes I get so into the zone that I end up far away in my own little world. Whoopsies! I can be way off than the rest of the class and my adorable instructor comes over and corrects me. That's when I laugh at myself and keep going. What's a workout if you can't have fun? I have learned since starting to not take myself so seriously. Because really chickadees, it is not that serious. If I catch myself with a death glare in the mirror, you betcha that I am going to flash myself a little smile. Kind of ridiculous I know, but it feels oh so good. Don't believe me? You should try it! If you need a little laugh, you can always hop on over to this hilarious tumblr that sums everything up so very nicely. In case you were wondering, the good stuff starts on page two. If you have yet to discover this little gem, you can thank me later. 

9. Buy The Cute Clothes 

While cute clothes are not necessary, they certainly add a little pep in my step during my daily workouts. The fashionista in me just cannot show up in a baggy t-shirt.  There is something about colorful workout attire that makes me work a little harder and tuck a little sharper. I think I have enough Lululemon [especially after this happened] to dress an entire class but these leggings are quickly becoming a favorite of mine!

10. Never Stop Pushing Yourself

You would think that after 450 classes my legs would stop shaking or my abs would stop trembling but no ladies, they haven't. That's the beauty of barre, you can always push yourself a little harder and always see results.  That in itself will make me a Pure Barre gal for life!

So gal pals, what have you learned on your Pure Barre journey? 
I would love to hear your side of the story!
Interested in Pure Barre but don't know where to start? You can see what all of the hype is all about here  and find the closest studio near you. Don't have a studio nearby? No problem!  You can purchase DVD series to get your sweat on at home [no barre required!]. I'm a personal fan of the Mile High Package!

[Thanks Pure Barre Columbus for the photos!]

See you at the barre!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Oh, Snap!

[Columbus Food Truck Festival]: Last Friday we walked to the Columbus Food Truck Festival and were in for a complete treat! If you are not from the area, you were missin' out, my dears! A two-day food festival with over forty trucks with more food choices than you know what to do with. A little overwhelming when you think of all the long lines, massive amounts of people, and food choices, but oh so worth it! We didn't have as many food choices as others since we eat plant based but I am actually quite thankful for that because I would have gone crazy. Miss Indecisive over here! Just as we finished our first truck [we went with a falafel pita], I was still so hungry, we went for a second one. No shame! I could have kept going but we skipped out when it started to get too crowded and headed for drinks downtown. Summer is the best, y'all!  

[The Night We Lost $5]: Recently some of our closest friends came into town and spent the weekend with us. We had a wonderful time catching up and eating food. When the sun went down, we put our best poker faces on and hit the gambling tables. Charity gambling tables, that is. We attend the prettiest church in our little neighborhood and they were holding their yearly festival to raise money for their elementary school. We started with two quarters and my honeybee hit it big right off the bat! Next thing you know, the money started to roll in! We were up five dollars which was quite the jackpot on these tables. Two seconds later, he blows it at the money wheel. It was gone. All five dollars of bliss. I could have spent those pretty pennies on a venti iced coffee from Starbucks, but it is what it is, chickadees. It went to a good cause and we shared way too many laughs over those five dollar bills. And to think, it all started with two quarters.  Totally worth it!

[Picnics in the Park]: This summer we had quite the tradition of heading out to Columbus Commons every Thursday for a free live show in the park, which is in the middle of downtown Columbus.  Usually my honeybee would pick me up on his way home from work and we would walk together since we live so close.  I was always in charge of bringing our cute blanket and Bananagrams.  Between Rummikub and Bananagrams, we both can get a little competitive.  It is probably one of my favorite memories from this summer. 

[You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato]: My honeybee has worked hard all summer on the little garden of ours.  I must admit that the most I have contributed was by making the little signs and eating the produce as soon as we picked it! Our tomato plants have recently grown out of control but other than that, our urban garden was slightly a bust.  Sure we have had our share of tomatoes, kale, and a few peppers here and there, but our poor zucchinis and cucumbers were completely unsuccessful! My honeybee was a little discouraged when he would go out and water every night and not see any cucumbers or zucchinni.  We were dreaming about making recipes from our cooking class in Rome on our honeymoon with produce from our own garden.  Maybe next year! We sure did make a scrumptious sauce this past Sunday though! This little italian lady has a trick or two up her sleeve when it comes to cooking Italian! Mangia! Mangia! 

[Our Visit To The Market]: A couple of weeks ago, my honeybee and I decided to try out a new spot in Italian Village called, "The Market." We really didn't have any idea what we were getting into other than it was the cutest little spot that I passed weekly on my way home from yoga practice. You can read more about it's concept here but basically, it's a deli, market, wine shop, coffee shop, and restaurant all wrapped into one darling space. We opted for the pizza [hold the cheese, please!] and sipped on the most delectable coffees you have ever tasted. Not even kidding! I think it's my favorite spot for a coffee date here in good 'ol Columbus. If you have yet to stop by, you really must! I don't think that you will regret it! 

[Chocolate For Days]: I have had a stash of this chocolate on hand all summer and I don't plan to stop anytime soon!  Whenever I head out to shop, I always make sure to stop at William Sonoma to pick up a new bar.  I'm not sure what I enjoy better- the chocolate or the cutest packaging! Holy swoon!

[Stripes Forever]: A couple of weeks ago, I swooned over this print from Evelyn Henson. I couldn't stop thinking about it, so naturally I had to order one for myself.  Well you lovely people, I am so happy that I did because it was made for me! My love for stripes is never ending! Isn't it adorable?

[Feelin' Fancy]: Last Friday I spilled the beans that I hopped the fence and went blonde! Don't you worry my dears, I am still feelin' fancy! My honeybee picked me up some pretty blooms last week and snapped this photo of me with my new blondie locks.  What do you think?

That's what has been happening in this wonderful world o'mine! What about you? Have you done anything wonderful lately? 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Holy Swoon!

Happy Monday, chickadees! Take a look at what made me squeal, "Holy Swoon!" while perusing the web this weekend:

[Joplin Velvet Sofa]: This couch is the bee's knees! I could just picture this beauty inside my someday dream  walk-in closet [or shall we say "room"].  Add some cheeky pillows and a colorful pom-pom throw on it and we would be sitting nice and pretty, gal pals! Hopefully it wouldn't be the collector of button ups like our current settee is! Speaking of which, I should probably hang those up today! That's what happens when you have one day of wardrobe insanity and you absolutely loathe everything that you try on. It'll get ya!

[Zip Pouch]: My gal pals can agree when I say I am a complete and utter bag lady. No shame! I love each and every one of them.   I have tried to separate myself from a few throughout the years but every time I am about to let one go, I have a total regretsy moment and put it right back in it's designated space.  They are all currently hanging on a coat rack, but I am afraid if I add one more it just might plop over! I am officially putting myself on a bag freeze for a while but when I saw this little pouch, I totally grinned from ear to ear. I happened to show my dear 'ol honeybee this weekend and all he could do was laugh and shake his head at me. What can I say! I like my bags!

Rugby Striped Bin]: This is probably one of the most over-pinned storage pieces I have laid my pretty eyes on while perusing Facebook but I just had to share it with y'all! I was on the hunt for storage bins for my materials this year so of course I had to stop in and check these out.  They would be perfect for any space in your home or classroom.  I took full advantage of their Happy Organized Home Sale and snatched up a few for work. A gals gotta work in style!

[Textural Raglan Sweater]: Confession: I have stopped in and tried this sweater on at least three times in the last month. By now the sales associates recognize me and probably think I am completely crazypants. I really want to convince myself that I need it.  It is one of the most comfortable sweaters I have put on lately and the quality is fabulous.  I can just see this sweater being a complete layering staple in my closet this fall.  Don't believe me? Try it for yourself! Maybe then you can convince me that I need it just as much as you do! 

[Salt the Seagul]: This cheeky print makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  I would love to hang it up in one of our bathrooms.  If you have yet to check out Pei Designs new products lately, do yourself a favor and take a little peak.  Warning: You will want everything!

[Word Trinket Tray]: One can never have too many trinket trays in my book! They can add a little pop of whimsy in any room, including your office! Add a stash of gold paperclips and you are good to go! 

[Thin Mint Cookies]: I cannot tell you how many times I have been relaxing on the couch lately and all I can think about is cookies.  Gimme the cookies! Chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies- I love them all! Just the other night, I was rummaging through my Pinterest page and stumbled upon this recipe for Thin Mint cookies.  I jumped off my couch as quickly as I could to grab a snazzy pen + notepad to make my grocery list must-haves! Listen you lovely people, this recipe takes less than fifteen minutes to make and is vegan friendly. Don't you worry you non-vegan eaters, I think you will find this recipe just as scrumptious as I do. I mean, who doesn't love Thin Mint cookies? Am I the only gal who eats almost an entire box to herself after getting completely sucked into buying cookies from the Girl Scout Troops? They get me every time. Not even kidding. 

[Framecraft Pendant Necklace]: Longer pendants have been my jam lately when it comes to necklaces and this one is a total must-have. I love all things tortoise and this one has it's own twist on the classic piece! 

[Confetti Pencil Set]:  I might as well add these to my Back To School Must-Haves because I am totally smitten over this pencil set.  We all know that pink + red is a favorite color combination around here! I would feel so fancy taking data with these pretty pencils.  They are simply adorable!

Hope this lovely loot brought a smile to your face! Now get out there and show Monday what'cha got!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Let's Take 5

[One]: There have been two things on m'brain lately: babies and a home of our own. Purchasing a home is up next on the Laird's Life List. We are barely into the process of it all and it is completely and utterly exhausting! It does not help that I have watched way too many episodes of House Hunters in my day and my list of must-haves is endless.  Don't get me wrong chickadees, I wouldn't mind a project revamp here or there but sometimes I feel like there are slim pickin's in this little part of the world. Our perfect house is out there somewhere. Hopefully we will find it sooner rather than later.  In the meantime, I can't help but swoon over this adorable home that was featured on Glitter Guide last week. Did you catch it?

[Two]: I personally want to thank all of you lovely people for taking the time to read my blog every week. It has been such a dream to start this blog this past summer and has been better than I could have possibly imagined.  I love catching up with many of you through emails, snail mail, and coffee dates. You spread a little cheer my way each and every day and it means more to me than you know! Merci! Gracias! Grazie! 

[Three]: This past Tuesday, I did something completely out of my element: I went blonde.  Never have I ever been blonde in my lifetime until this week. My hairdresser is nothing short of adorable and I trust him and all of his glorious ideas.  We have been chit chatting for a while on my love for Mary Kate Olsen. It's a slight laughing matter with my pals on my desire to be Mary Kate. I just cannot help it. Although my personal style is no where near hers, I completely envy it and her amazing hair. The fact that we are both so tiny doesn't make it any better either.  So naturally when my hairdresser suggested we went for a Mary Kate style, of course I said yes, yes, and yes! I couldn't wait to see my new do and when he whipped me around in the chair I squealed like a little lady from the 90's jamming out at a Backstreet Boys concert. I absolutely love it and it makes me feel oh so fancy! It's the bees knees I tell ya!

[Four]: I am thankful for comfy pajamas and days spent inside. This past week I have pretty much kept it under the radar. My phone was dead for most of the time because I am terrible at keeping it charged. I must say, it was rather refreshing, chickadees! I was able to lounge around the house, eat a lot of chocolate, and have a mini Robin Williams marathon [Hook, Dead Poets Society, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Good Will Hunting to be exact!]. It has been a blessing to have most of my summer off with days to just stay in my pajamas and relax. I will surely miss it once I get back in the swing of things this school year. Ciao, summer! You've been good to me. See you next June!

[Five]: This past Tuesday was my first day back to work. I hate to admit it, but I slightly missed the crazy schedules and lack of sleep.   The little ones will take my up most of my time before I know it! I am going to be working in the same district that I worked in last year and will have most of the same kiddos on my caseload! The thought of seeing my kiddos brings a big 'ol smile to my face! I can't wait to see them prance into the door with their cute little backpacks and freshly cut hair next week. This year is going to fly by.

Happy Friday, chickadees! Do you have something snazzy planned for this weekend? 
See you back here on Monday!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Style Me Smitten

Fall is my favorite season to shop because it means new cozy sweaters and the start of layering weather [hello perfect puffer vest!]. While I absolutely adore fall pieces, I also do not always want to sacrifice my love for happy hues.  It can be tricky to find pieces that do not always look so drab or dark on me. Oxblood is a no-no in my wardrobe [I prefer happier hues] but olive is one color that I will wear sporadically during the fall months.  I tried this skirt on at my local store and am totally smitten with the fit and color. The bow on the front adds a slight feeling of femininity which I love, chickadees! Take a look at how I paired it with gold accessories and a pop of color with this hot pink sweater! 

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Holy Swoon!

Happy Monday, chickadees! Hope you had a lovely weekend! Dear friends of ours came to visit for the weekend and we had a grand 'ol time! We stopped at our local church festival in the neighborhood and chatted over yummy food and drinks! We also may or may not have gotten a little carried away at the roulette table. It is so nice to catch up with old pals, wouldn't you agree? Take a look at what made me squeal, "Holy Swoon!" while perusing the web this weekend:

[Neon Striped Bow Hair Clip]: How adorable is this striped hair clip? I was just thinking to myself this weekend about how I never wear cute hair accessories.  I mean, let's be honest you lovely people, I am just NOW consistently wearing my hair down and curling it on an [almost] daily basis! Woo-hoo!  It's so much easier to throw it into a top bun and call it a day, but I feel fancy when I have my hair down so I'm going to see how long I can keep this going. However, this bow is absolutely perfect for mornings when I can't get up and get ready before my workout during the school year. The fact that the stripes are red + pink make it that much more fabulous! 

[Flapperdoodle Art Print]: Have y'all seen the CUTEST drawings by Flapperdoodle? If not, you MUST check them out! I happened to stumble upon this shop over the weekend and there are so many that I am absolutely swooning over! The shop owner draws lovely prints by hand of her characters Eloise and Ramona. This hula hoop one is pulling the strings at my heart because it reminds me of my childhood! My sister and I would have hula hoop contests with my grandma in her basement for hours on end. Somehow one of us would always get sassy when the other would win until my grandma would jump in and show us both up! This print is absolutely my sister and me. 

[Rob Hodgson Greeting Card]: Just last week I was swooning over the alligator print from Rob Hodgson and what would you know gals + guys, I stumbled upon this adorable greeting card he designed! I am on the hunt to figure out where I can get my little hands on one of of these darlin' cards because I have just the person in mind I want to send it to. He gets my love for cheeky art and I'm totally smitten!

[Hello! Phone Case]: I have this strange love for all things bright + cheery and my phone cases are no exception! Through the years I have acquired quite the phone case stash but I just cannot help myself.  This phone case caught my eye and it's quite the cutie. I'm tempted to add it to my collection but my online swooning and window shopping might have to do for now!

[Be Lady Like]: Such a simple but much needed reminder to keep it classy, my dears! I have personally been sticking to Coco Chanel's advice, "Once you've dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off." Less is more in more ways than one!

[Rizzo Bench]: When it comes to outfit ideas or home design, I tend to drive myself [slightly] insane.  It typically will go a little something like this: Get an idea in head, search for said idea, execute idea, and [typically] cry and stress because the idea did not turn out exactly like it did in my head. Did I mention that I tend to drive myself insane? How about my honeybee because he cannot stand it. My Type-A ness is not always the bee's knees, that is for sure. I have had this lovely idea that the foot of our bed desperately needs a bench but I have yet to find the perfect piece.  I came across this bench and squealed when I realized it came in hot pink. If only I could convince my honeybee that hot pink is gender neutral.  

[Preston Eyeglasses]: Two years ago, I jumped the fence and tried out the home program from Warby Parker.  I loved them so much that I ordered two pairs of glasses within a month of each other and now I am on the hunt for a third.  I just love 'em! I tend to wear my contacts more in the summer months for sunnies purposes, but during the school year I tend to wear my glasses quite often and switch up my frames. They are just another adorable accessory to add to my outfits! I told my honeybee that I wanted to find a pair of red frames so I can channel my inner Sally Jessy Raphael [hey girl hey!] but he was not so amused by my pitch! Clearly I need to work on my bargaining skills!

Hope this lovely loot brought a smile to your face! Now get out there and show Monday what'cha got!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Cue The Cute Accessories!

This week I had some extra time in my schedule so of course I had to jump on the chance to check out the new arrivals from all of my favorites! I am totally smitten with fall clothes. Cozy sweaters, cute booties, and lots of layering- I just can't get enough! While it is still far from fall weather, I like to stock up while I can. It gives me something to look forward to [hello bonfires + pumpkin spice lattes!].  I hate to say it chickadees, but all of my favorite retailers kind of let me down.  Let's just say I was a little less than impressed after dragging a few pieces to the fitting rooms. My wallet will thank me this time around though, that's for sure!

Don't get me wrong, I love the oversized sweaters and neutral colors for layering purposes, but I promise you sister, you will not see an oxblood hue on this little lady! No ma'am! Never ever! Where are the happy hues? Clearly no where to be found this season.  

Have I ever mentioned how petite I am? Just 5'0" to be exact. What's a gal to do when this season is all about proportion play? I understand the trend and am all about comfort, but what I'm not about lovely ladies, is looking frumpy. Oversized anything is not always a winner-winner in my book.  I think I'll go back to the basics this season and stick to my classic pieces like button ups, cardigans, and Tippi sweaters.  

While it may seem like a total drag, I think this seasons trends will be a fabulous time for me to regroup my personal style and invest in pieces that truly speak to me! Goodbye impulse purchases! Cue the cute accessories! One of my most favorite ways to express my personality is through accessories. Adorable flats, colorful poms, happy hued bags, and snazzy jewels.  I have mentioned before  how versatile they are in creating a variety of looks. While I do believe there is a fine line between just enough and too much accessorizing, I am envisioning neutral pieces paired with accessories that add a pop of color this fall season for this gal!  

Take a peek at a few of my must-have accessories for this season:

What about you? Are you loving the trends this fall? 

Like my personal style or just need a little outfit inspiration? Find my personal style hashtag on Instagram: #stylemesmitten.

Happy Friday, you lovely readers! Hope you have a snazzy weekend! See you back here on Monday! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Total Pinch Me Moment

Two weeks ago, I had a total pinch me moment when an amazing opportunity popped up that allowed me to spend a week in Charleston, South Carolina. I was able to spend my time exploring a new city that I had never been to, visit with an absolutely darling family, and managed to squeeze a sun-kissed tan into the mix, too! Life was the bee's knees, chickadees. I didn't think life could get much better at that moment, then suddenly... it did. I was laying in bed one night while I was in Charleston and literally sat straight up when I remembered that one of my absolute favorite artists is based out of the exact same city I was in!

Lulie Wallace

Some of you may recognize Lulie's work if you have perused Anthropologie's website as she sells some of her prints and even bedding on their website. Huzzah! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Lulie Wallace, her work is brilliant in both originality and color. I have been a fan of hers for a couple of years now and each time she releases a new piece of work, I fall in love with it all over again! The way she mixes her hues makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Recognizing my proximity to her creativity center, I decided to email her on a whim to see if I could stop by and check out her studio.  There was no way that I was going to miss out on an opportunity to see her work in person! Less then twelve hours later I had the most kind response from Lulie herself welcoming me to check it out! I can shamelessly say that I jumped, squealed, and did a little dance when she got back to me.  

While she was out of town for the week [total bummer], I made an appointment with her lovely assistant Brooke to come by. Lulie's studio is located at the Redux Contemporary Art Center on St. Philip Street. The Art Center houses free year round art exhibits and also is home to almost two dozen artists. Although the Art Center is free and open to the public, you have to make appointments with most of the local artists in order to visit their private studios.   When I got to the studio, Brooke was eager to meet me and happy to answer any and all of my questions. Lulie's studio was closed off by a simple canvas curtain and I just couldn't wait to see what was behind it! 

When I finally had a chance to see what was behind the magic curtain, I felt like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz! My big eyes and double-barreled grin could be seen from a mile away! I couldn't believe that I was actually in Lulie's studio, my dears! To be honest, I was not sure what to expect but I was quite surprised at how quaint her studio was and completely taken back by all of the lovely prints hanging from the floor to ceiling.  Every time I thought that I had picked a favorite print, a new one popped into view! While I love all of her work, her flowers have always pulled on my heart-strings. I love her use of brightly colored stripes, abstract patterns, and her ability to pull it all together so beautifully. I have acquired a couple of her pieces in the past couple of years and I am dreaming of the day that I can purchase a large canvas for the [someday] baby Laird's nursery.  

It was inspiring to see her work from a completely different perspective rather than the typical finished pieces that I admire on her website and Instagram. I was able to see leftover color palettes laying on her desk, incomplete pieces of work, and sporadic doodling on pieces of scrap paper spotted on her work table. To see her work and how it has evolved over the years has been a dream! I was in complete heaven!

If you are a fan of Lulie's work, be sure to keep up with her and all of her fabulous work through social media.  If you are local to the Charleston area or are just visiting in the near future, Lulie will be holding a show at The Cabanas at the Mixon Bath and Raquet Club on Thursday, August 21st. Do yourself a favor and check out her work. I promise you, you won't be disappointed! Perhaps you will even be inspired to get your own creative juices flowin'!