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Monday, July 28, 2014

Holy Swoon!

Happy Monday, chickadees! I'm back from Charleston, South Carolina and am feeling refreshed! I can't wait to share my lovely adventures with y'all but that is for another time!   Take a look at what made me squeal, "Holy Swoon!" while perusing the web this weekend!

[Custom Oversized Banner]: I actually discovered this tiny little shop when they started following me on Instagram and I am so glad I did! These adorable banners are customizable and the price is on point! I love that she uses colorful felt balls as a little detail on the banner. My mind is running with ideas on how I want to customize a banner! I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these!

[Stripes on Stripes Print]: I have ordered a couple of prints from Evelyn's shop and I just adore them! I love her choice of happy hues and cheeky prints.  This one was a must for my gallery wall in our office turned closet! I added it to my cart this weekend and pressed "purchase" without thinking twice! Whoopsies!

[Sleeveless Shift Dress]: If you think this dress is gorgeous online, wait until you see it in person! My honeybee and I were perusing C.Wonder last weekend and stumbled upon this dress.  I literally squealed when I saw it.  It is the perfect shade of pink and can be dressed up or down. So adorable!

[Tassel Trace Pillow]: So I should preface this by saying that I already own this pillow in orange.  My honeybee surprised me in the fall. I think he secretly got sick of me dropping not so casual hints about how perfect it would look on our chair in the living room. Either way, I still smile when I see it.  I am considering getting this pillow in navy because a gal can never have too many navy accents or tassels in my book! 

[This is Warhol]: This book caught my eye when I was wandering through downtown Charleston last week and I had to buy it as soon as I laid my bright green eyes on it.  It's the perfect book to add to my collection and it kept me entertained while I was at the pool last week. If you are an art lover like me, I totally recommend this one!

[Nike Racer Sneakers]: I actually had a chance to stop by the J.Crew in Charleston to take a quick peek of the new collection.  There were a few things that caught my eye but these sneakers top the cake! Chartreuse and teal? Holy swoon! I couldn't purchase them fast enough! They are currently somewhere on a UPS truck making their way to me.  Keep your fingers crossed that they fit! These baby feet could use some new adorable kicks when I am on the go! 

[Love You Like XO]: Please tell me you have heard John Mayer's cover of XO by Beyonce! I think I died and went to heaven when I heard it for the first time last week during yoga! Literally, it is one of the best covers I have ever heard! I am a huge John Mayer fan [can't help it!] and Beyonce is my gal so this one has been on non-stop repeat.  Not even kidding.  On my way home from Charleston, I was stuck in a 3.5 hour traffic jam in West Virginia [what the what?]. It was a hot mess. Being stuck in traffic with this song was like a breeze and I even got to work on my tan! Not so bad after all, right? Take a listen if you have yet to hear it. You are going to love it, my friends!

Hope this lovely loot brought a smile to your face! Now get out there and show Monday what'cha got!

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