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Monday, July 21, 2014

Holy Swoon!

Happy Monday, chickadees! Hope you had a lovely weekend!  Ours was filled with birthday celebrations and a lot of yoga! Speaking of yoga, we had a lovely yoga + brunch experience at The Kitchen (in German Village) this weekend that I must fill you in on sometime soon! Today I am jam packed in a car and zoomin' my way out of town! I hope to have blog posts for you this week but forgive me if I don't.  Sometimes a gals gotta live in the moment! In the meantime, take a look at what made me squeal, "Holy Swoon!" while perusing the web this weekend!

[Woven Bowl]: Can we please just take a moment and discuss how adorable this woven bowl is? Pink and gold make a pretty pair, wouldn't you agree? This bowl would be the perfect touch on the console table in our living room.  I have a terrible habit of ripping all of my pretty jewels off as soon as I walk in the door. I would love to add this to help collect my gems and it wouldn't even be an eye sore! 

[Leather Cardholder]: I have been on the hunt for the perfect business card holder and I think I found my match! I stumbled upon this polka dot leather one last week and I could not contain my excitement.  Holy swoon! It was made for me! I always carry my business cards for work in a larger pouch that I keep in my bag but it isn't always easy to find them. Half of the time my cards are bent because the pouch is too big.  This is one of the most darling business card holders I have ever seen and it's functional! 

[Captain Adorable Card]: ParrotDesignStudio is one of my most favorite card shops. I especially love the baby card selection and I just can't get over how adorable they are!  I snagged this one up the moment I laid eyes on it. You just never know when you need a baby card and this one is precious to boot! 

[Cashmere Pointelle Sweater]: I have loved pairing short sleeved sweaters with shorts this season.  This summer has been warm but there have some days that still feels quite chilly.  I love this cashmere version and the color is the bee's knees.  This would look darling paired with my navy and white striped shorts. 

[Hippo Plant Holder]: I realize that this planter is slightly ridiculous but I am smitten with it! I have the worst green thumb.  We now have one poor hanging plant that is so dead it's crispy and brown on our front porch.  One of these days I'll get the hang of it! Until then, I will imagine this adorable one on my desk at work! My little ones would love it and it would be quite the conversation piece.  How is that for eliciting language?

[Leather Key Cover]:  I am smitten with this yellow leather key cover! Add a monogram  and it's the perfect touch! It's all about the details, ladies and gents! 

[Amazing Ideas Notebook]:  I am a paper and pencil type of gal.  I have tried so hard to use my phone to help me put together grocery lists and remember special events but there is just something about paper and a fancy pen that makes me feel accomplished.  Perhaps it's the satisfaction I get when I physically cross things off my list. Either way, this notebook could help do the trick.  Perfect for those moments when I have a lovely idea for work or my creative juices get flowin' and I want to come back to them! 

[Pom Pom Throw]: Pom-poms are one of my favorite details in clothing and home decor.  I love the playfulness of them and I just can't get enough!  This navy pom pom throw  is a definite must. Every time I tell my honeybee that I need a new throw he laughs because we've acquired quite the collection. I just cannot help myself. They are so cozy and can instantly jazz up any space.  Think about fall and snuggling up on the couch with a good book! I need this, right? Totally! 

Hope this lovely loot brought a smile to your face! Now get out there and show Monday what'cha got!

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