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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beauty Basics

During the school year, my mornings start off before the sun comes up! I balance between yoga and barre classes and they start at either 5:45 or 6:30 a.m. Most nights I don't get to bed before 11:00 due to work commitments so little shut eye comes my way.  It may sound like a drag but this is were my Type A-ness proudly peeks in! What's a gal to do when she needs to leave the house with one eye open? Get it together the night before, of course!

It sounds a little ridiculous, but I typically do my makeup in the car between my morning workout and my job. Let's just say it takes talent to do it in the winter when it is freezing cold and the sun doesn't come up until after I made it to work!  My job is less than ten minutes away from where I work out and it just doesn't make any sense for me to drive all the way home to get ready in the morning only for me to turn right back around. At one point, I was working out thirty minutes from where we lived and I needed to find an efficient way to put myself together in the morning and still look professional. 

When it comes to makeup products, I keep it fairly simple.  I hate spending a ton of money testing out different products that I may or may not love.   Over the years, I have tried a couple products that I have surprising kept up with and love: 

[BB Cream via Bobbi Brown]: I started using Bobbi Brown's BB Cream this past spring. Prior to using this product, I never used any type of liquid foundation on my face.  I always felt like it was too heavy and didn't look natural.  Of course the lady at Nordstrom sucked me in when I was perusing the Bobbi Brown counter but now I am so happy she did! I don't use very much of it, just enough to brighten my face.  I know some ladies are not fans of the dewey look, but this is just enough.  My face doesn't feel heavy and has yet to break out since using it.  It's a must-use in my book! 

[Creme Cheek Color via Laura Mercier]: Laura Mercier's products were introduced to me this past winter when I partnered with a makeup specialist at our local Nordstrom for an event with J.Crew.  I styled my clients and he brought the makeup and gave my gal pals a complete facial makeover. It was the bees knees! Of course I had to get my makeup done, too! He used this cheek color on me and I had to get some of my own.  There are a couple other products from Laura Mercier that I fell in love with but this one was at the top of my list. 

[Diorshow- Black Out via Dior]:  I have been using Diorshow since college and it is a guilty pleasure of mine when it comes to makeup.  It makes my lashes look super long and doesn't clump up like other mascaras I have used in the past.  I tend to stock up on this one during Nordstrom's mascara sale every year. 

[All Over Face Cover in Warmth via BareMinerals]: I use a tiny dash of this on my cheeks and across my forehead after applying my BB cream to add a slight bronzed look to my face.  Just a tad is all you need! 

[Rouge Cream Lipstick in Hot Tango via Sephora]:  Lipstick is not something that  I wear every day, but when I do,  I usually grab this particular color from Sephora.  I like to add Smith's Minted Rose lip balm prior to adding this lip color.  This shade is the perfect mix for my skin tone- it's not too red but not too orange. It's great when I want to add a pop of color.

Brush On Cream Eyeliner via Clinique: During my freshman year of college, a friend of mine was using a liquid eyeliner similar to this one by Clinique.  I searched and searched and finally found this eyeliner.  Since I started using this one many years ago, I have yet to try anything else.  If you are an eyeliner gal, I cannot recommend this particular eyeliner enough.  This cream eyeliner goes on your eyes so smoothly and lasts the entire day.  If you are on the hunt for a new eyeliner, you must try this one! 

[Makeup Applicator via Beauty Blender]:  This is another product that was recently introduced to me by a friend.  She mentioned how much better her foundation looked when she used it so I had to give it a whirl before purchasing my own.  Let's just say that I rushed to get one of my own after trying hers. It makes my foundation look so much more natural and flawless than when I used a makeup brush to apply my BB cream.  It's super easy to clean and has held up fairly well since I started using mine.  

[Luminizer via RMS Beauty]:  J. Crew started carrying this particular product in their stores, so naturally I had to try it since they gave their personal stamp of approval.  I put it in the corner of my eyes and under my nose right after my foundation is applied.  It adds a glow to my face that looks fresh and natural.  Since I have a tan for the summer, I have hardly put on any makeup other than mascara.  This one looks great on natural skin and makes me feel like I just stepped of a fancy photo shoot! 

I know that it may seem like I use a lot of makeup products, but trust me when I say, it takes me ten minutes at the most to do my makeup in the morning.  These products are fabulous, easy to apply, and look natural enough that I don't need to waste my time blending them in to make sure that I don't look like a bronzed clown who did their makeup in the dark.  We all have different skin types and colors but trust me when I say, these products will make your life much easier when you need to get ready in a flash! What products do you use and love? While I am pretty smitten with these products, I am always open to suggestions! 

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