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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Back To School Must-Haves

I can vividly remember dragging my parents to my school the first day that teacher class lists were posted on the doors in the summer because I was so excited to see who my teachers were. You can betcha that I already had my entire school supply list perfectly laid out in alphabetical order ready to hit the aisles of our local store, too. I have to admit that nothing has really changed since I was a little one either.  This upcoming Tuesday is my first day back to work! What the what? I cannot believe that this summer is almost over. An entire day of meetings and checklists will anxiously await me which means my teacher supplies must be packed nice and neat in my bag ready to go! 

Not sure if I have spilled the beans before chickadees, but I'm a speech therapist in the schools. I work with the itty bitty ones. They make my heart skip a beat and always keep me on my toes! To be quite honest, it's a dream! You just never know what my little friends might say or do. If only I could share the funny stories with y'all! I work in a number of classrooms which means that I am always on the go. I rarely make it to my office as I do all of my therapy within the classroom setting.  My nickname may or may not be The Bag Lady within my building because I carry my bag with me wherever I go. You just never know what tricks I may pull out of it. I literally keep everything in my bag. It must be neat, organized, and everything must be colorful! Who says that kiddos are the only ones that love school supplies? I think us educators enjoy them just as much, if not more, than they do! It's our guilty pleasure and often times the darling details are what personally get me through a rough day during the school year! Today I thought that I would share some of my personal favorite school [or office!] supplies just in case your own may need a little upgrade!

These school supplies have been tested + cherished by yours truly! Are there any must-haves that I am missing, my dears? Do tell! I can never have enough pretty supplies! To all of my teacher pals out there, happy end of summer!

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