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Friday, July 18, 2014

Art Inspired

I found this lovely painting by Jane Murdoch Adams a while back and keep coming back to it when I need a little color inspiration in our home.  She does beautiful work but the color combinations in this particular piece are fabulous and right up my alley! Pink, navy, and green? How perfect, right? Just glancing at it makes me chipper! I thought I would share a few pieces that this painting inspired me to keep in mind when searching for new home decor:

1. [Ikea] Hemnes Chest: When we moved into our current place, we purchased a longer dresser in a grayish-blue color. I am totally smitten with it! This art has inspired me to keep my eye out for the perfect navy finished dresser.  I know it's out there somewhere! 

2. [Pottery Barn] Cardiff Tufted Upholstered Chair: During my last trip to Pottery Barn, I saw this chair and instantly fell in love with it!  The oatmeal linen color was absolutely perfect although I have had an itch for darker colored furniture lately.  Bonus: it's super comfortable and I can betcha won't want to move once your tuchus [ahem, booty] plops into this thing! 

3.[HK Living] Lamp 'Factory': I am in love with pendant lighting!  We have an adorable one in vibrant flame that we placed above our desktop in our office.  This mint one is fresh and screams happiness. It would look adorable in a laundry room or even in a kitchen. 

4. [Kate Spade] Two of A Kind Doff Set: My honeybee and I have these and use them as our water glasses every night.  Just a little detail that makes me grin from ear to ear!

5. [Serena and Lily] Beach Striped Sheet Set: Pink and Red are one of my most favorite color pairings. It's so cheeky! I love these sheets and the fact that they have stripe detailing.  They would look darling with our linen tufted headboard and white duvet! 

Do you have any artists that inspire how you decorate or dress? There are so many different ways to be inspired and art has always been one of my favorites! Have a jazzy weekend, chickadees! I am skipping town early next week but don't you worry. I will have scheduled posts ready for your viewing pleasure! See you back here on Monday!

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