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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Well, Art You Fabulous!

It's no secret that I love décor and all things design.  Put a girl in a house by herself during the summer months and her mind will run wild with new ways to make her house a home.  I know that is true for me, at least! With my honeybee working during the day, that leaves me by myself most days.  This could be a good OR bad thing! I am always finding new things that I adore and adding it to the list of things for my home that I MUST have! Most of the time I, or should I say: Max will make it happen, but sometimes he’s got to put the brakes on my plans that change from left to right.

What can I say? I have ideas, people! 

While we absolutely love living in the city, soon it will be time for us to buy a home and have a little one to chase after. Even though I would love to bring new things into our home now, I know that it will be needed more once our first home comes into play.  So while I had plans to repaint our office and spruce up our guest bedroom, those things will have to wait!

This summer my plans are to change little things here and there to ease my boredom. Just to let you in on a little secret about me: I have this strange thing about décor and clothing purchases. I dream about something non-stop, convince myself that I MUST have it, and then after a month, I am over it! Is it just me? Ugh, it’s terrible and drives the mister in the household craz-y [I am talking, Beyoncé style here!]  

So my first little detail to fix up in our house is in our living room.  Cute pillows? Check! Floor lamp? Check! A little greenery in the mix? Check! Adorable tufted grey couch? Uh, not yet! But it’s on my list!  New prints for the gallery wall? I think so! Add my favorite moose to the mix and we are good good to go!

Picking new prints is always a little overwhelming for me. I can pin ones that I love all day long on Pinterest and then when it’s time to commit, I panic! Have I mentioned that I’m indecisive? Okay, good! This time around, I decided to go with prints that I have eyed since we moved in two years ago. I am a lover of portraits and typography so I decided to keep it simple and to the point this time! Take a look at some of my favorite picks!

                                                            1. Spring Dress by Claire Elsaesser
                                                     2. Amperstand by Matthew Taylor Wilson
            3. Ciao by Note To Self
                                                      4. Te Amo [I Love You] by theloveshop
                                              5. It's Never Too Late by The Watermelon Factory
                                                              6. I Like You by Rachillustrates
                                                                 7. Tucked by Note To Self
                                                8. Top Not Print, Yellow by Elizabeth Mayville

What are some of your favorite prints? Be sure to send them my way! Chances are, my mind will change before I say, “Last call!”


  1. Dying laughing as I read this. I can relate SOOO much, especially about the "obsessing" part. I think that's why you'll receive that random 'ding' on your phone, only to see that it is yours truly asking about a particular item at the 'Crew. I OBSESS about it, style it a million ways, stare at it online for hours, and then finally text you to make sure I'm not going insane. Thanks to you, my wallet is feeling a bit heavier these days. Score! Everyone needs that voice of reason. I can't tell you how many things in my closet were pieces that I HAD to have and obsessed about and ended up only wearing it once. I now laugh about it when I look at those pieces. SAD!!

    As for the prints- my FAVE is #6. It means so much and will be something special to have in years to come. In my family, we've always laughed and said "I love you, but I don't like you right now." That print is perfect- not only do I love you, but I also like you. That's major! HA! Speaks volumes and because of that it won't be a trendy piece.

    Happy decorating this summer!

    1. Girlfriend, what I can I say! We are twins! I always love getting your text messages! We can be each others voice of reason!

      I agree- I love print #6! I may need to purchase this one! It's a keeper! xoxox