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Monday, June 16, 2014

Oh, Snap!


“Don’t Stop, Get it, Get it!”:  In case you were wondering, this was my mantra for the week! This past week was a busy one at that! I was always on the go with a long list of things to do like doctor visits, packing, and cleaning our place before I had to head out of town for the week. My first week of summer is usually spent sleeping in until 10:00am [a guilty, but well deserved, pleasure of mine!], but with so much to do, I just didn’t get to enjoy it. Maybe next week!

Puppies in the Park:  Two weekends ago, my honeybee and I worked midday shifts at our side jobs and were able to enjoy the afternoon together.  If you know us personally, you know that this never happens! We typically work opposite schedules and aren't able to always enjoy things together, which is unfortunate, but we always make the most of it when we can! Last weekend we took our puppy friends for a walk and stayed for Shakespeare in the Park! We live in cutest little part of the city in downtown Columbus. We can walk to so many great places.  Living here in the summertime is the bees knees!

Here Comes the Bride:  One of my best gal pals got married this weekend! The wedding was absolutely beautiful and she looked stunning! I was so excited to be a part of her special day. You can bet your bottom dollar that the tears were flowin’! I cry at almost every wedding I attend, and this one was no exception! I wish I had more pictures to show ya’ll but the dance floor was callin’ my name! I may or may not have become friends with our bartender, April, that night. Oops!

Snail Mail: I am one of those gals who checks the mail every day to see if there is a paper parcel addressed to me!  I am not talking about bills either [the man of the house can take care of those]. It sounds silly, but snail mail just makes my entire day turn around.  It is so thoughtful to think that someone took time out of his or her busy day to send something.  I was rushing out the door this week and happened to check my mail. In there I found this little card for me and I just giggled! She has become a sweet friend of mine via Instagram a year or so ago. I only wished we lived closer because we are kindred spirits!

Oh Hey!: Speaking of my gal pals wedding, another bridesmaid and I skipped town last Wednesday to help perfect the last minute details of her wedding. We all haven’t had a chance to hang out this long since graduate school but it was just like old times! Girl talk, cocktails on patios, shopping, and pizza. 

Cheers!:  If you read my previous blog post about my summer bucket list, you would know that cocktails were on my list! A week ago, my honeybee and I ventured out and tried a new little place called Mouton. If you live here in Columbus and have yet to try it, you must! The vintage cocktails are lovely and I could not get over the darling décor.  Just thinking about it makes me want to go back! Happy hour, anyone?

So tell me, how is the kick off of your summer? Have you done anything wonderful? Happy Monday, friends!  

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