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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Oh, Snap!

 via: OldEnglishCo.

“Think Happy, Be Happy”: That was my mantra for the week! With less than a five days to go in the school year, there is anything but a little downtime in my schedule.  From progress reports to last minute therapy sessions, I am a busy bee! This time of year can be a crazy one, so much so that I find myself looking forward to summer when livin’ is easy and my schedule is wide open.  I stopped myself this week to really enjoy the moments I have left with my little ones. It is rewarding to think of all the progress they have made since the fall. Last week, one of my toughest non-verbal kiddos had a breakthrough.  He walked up to a peer, said her name, and gave her a hug and a kiss.  It may not seem meaningful and actually quite simple, but it has taken us nine months to get this far.  My team and I all had tears in our eyes.  It was such a great moment and has taught me to be thankful for little victories!
Happy Hues: Happy days call for happy hues! With all of the wonderful weather we have been having, I couldn’t help myself.  A colorful wardrobe is just another way to spread a little cheer!
Huzzah: This week was an exciting one for the Laird household. After a long search, my honeybee finally started his new job! He has worked so hard to get to this point and I am so proud of him. He does so much for this little family of ours and it has me grinnin’ from ear to ear.  I just know that he will be fabulous!
The Laird’s Plant a Garden:  Speaking of this little family of ours, we planted a garden! This is year two of city living for us, so our backyard is quite tiny.  We had to get creative, but it’s a lot bigger than last years garden!  Max worked away while I painted cute little stakes. Let’s hope he still has that green thumb because I can’t wait to fry some peppers- Italiano style! I’ll keep ya’ll posted!
Baby Otto Turns Uno:  In March, one of my best gal pals and her family packed up and left the city.  She has the cutest little son Otto [SO adorbs!], who just turned one. Max and I are heading out of town this weekend to celebrate his first birthday and I can’t wait to kiss those cheeks.  He may or may not be the culprit of my baby fever, just sayin’!
Hometown Shenanigans:  We traveled home for Memorial Day weekend to visit my dad.  The weather was beautiful and we were able to spend a lot of time outdoors.  We rode bikes, took my pops to the zoo, and even continued on with our Memorial Day tradition of heading out to the Hartville Flea Market. We were up at 5:00 a.m. and out the door by 5:45 a.m. It is something that we have done in my family since I was a youngin’. Super early but totally worth it! 

I hope you all are enjoying your own little moments! Have a swell week! Get outside and soak in some sunshine!

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