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Friday, June 6, 2014

Just Smitten

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Can we talk about my love of all things stripe for a hot second? Seriously, I love 'em! Just the other day, I was folding and hanging a massive pile of clothes [that I shamefully threw on the floor] and giggled to myself when I noticed how many stripes I actually have.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know how much I love a good outfit.  My closet is filled with an abundance of happy hues and to be honest, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming.  I have noticed lately that there are a number of pieces that I wear over and over, while there are other pieces that I hardly ever wear.  Stripes are a repeat offender. They are classic, preppy, and always look put together.  While I love all stripes, navy stripes have my heart. Here are a few of my favorite ways to wear them:
1.  Shirts: I have so many! Striped tanks, striped button ups, striped t-shirts. If I see one, I need it!  They are just so easy to wear! Years ago, I was lusting over this J. Crew maxi skirt that they paired a striped t-shirt with and have yet to get it off my mind! I actually picked up green fabric from Hobby Lobby that is identical to make my own this summer [add it to my to-do list!].  Wish me luck!
2.   Accessories: The easiest, and perhaps my favorite, way to wear stripes! From scarves to bags, they are just so fun! Pair them with a pop of color and you have one adorbs outfit!
3.  Shorts: Some gals aren’t fans of striped shorts, but if you find the right pair, they can work. My favorite is a striped pleated pair that I purchased from J.Crew two years ago.  There is something about them that make me feel quite sassy when I put them on!
4.   Dresses: I love a good striped dress.  In the summer, you will typically find me in a dress or a skirt.  They are easy to put on, comfortable, and totally fit my personality.  Most of my dresses are stripes so clearly I need to add some variety in my closet, but what’s a girl to do? Ya like what ya like? Am I right?
5.   Pattern Play: 2013 was the year of pattern play. So much so that sometimes I thought the ladies took the trend a little too far.  I still enjoy mixing subtle patterns, particularly stripes + floral.  It’s flirty and fun!

Are any of you guilty of owning as many stripes as I am? What is your favorite way to wear stripes? Enjoy your weekend! It’s supposed to be a warm one!

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