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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hello Sunshine, Hello Summer!

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Hip Hip Hooray! As of 3:00 today, I am officially on summer vacation! I can just smell the summer air and feel the breeze blow in my hair! My months of hard work and nights of little sleep have finally paid off and I will be able to enjoy life to the fullest. I usually have more ideas than time but here are a few musts on my long list of to-do’s until work beckons in August:
  •  Soak Up the Sunshine: Last summer was anything but sunny.  It rained for most of what I remember and I probably only went to the pool twice. My skin thanked me but it certainly put a damper on my summer! So sunshine, I’m comin’ for ya!
  •   Yoga Smoga: I am a Pure Barre junkie. If you haven’t heard of it, I am sure that you will hear about it from me again. With over 400 classes under my belt, I keep coming back for more.  Yoga is a close second.  There is nothing better than getting out of your head with a few handstands.  Max and I will be yoga hopping between some of our favorite studios this summer and I just can’t wait!
  •    Zoom Zoom: You will find me zippin’ and zoomin’ along the bike trails, too! Do you get a sense that I can’t wait to be outside this summer? Guilty as charged!
  •  Cocktails, anyone?  One of my most favorite things about summer is happy hour on a patio.  Takes me back to my good ol' college days and just thinking about it makes me instantly grin! I have high hopes for new cocktails that I will concoct with the mint we planted in our garden! 
  • Snap Happy:  We had purchased a Cannon Rebel for our honeymoon to Italy two years ago and I am just now getting around to using it again. Silly me! 
  •   Wedding Bells: What better way to kick off a summer than with a wedding for one of your best gal pals? Next weekend we put our party pants on and celebrate the new Mr. and Mrs.!

What about you ladies and gents? Do you have any exciting plans for summer?


  1. i'm getting ready to start training for the chicago marathon, so that's a great excuse to work on my tan running outside this summer :)

  2. That sounds wonderful! I have always admired runners! Cheering you on from Ohio!