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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Confessions Of A Chronic Collector

Chronic Collector via

I would like to think that I am easy to please.  Those who know me, know that there are a number of pretty things that I hold near and dear to my heart! The following are no exceptions:

  1. Snail Mail: My love for snazzy paper goods started when I was a little one. I was always envious of my mama's handwriting! She was always sending someone something special so I think I have her to thank for my love of paper parcels.  You won't find me perusing the card aisle at the local supermarket, though. I must admit that I am a paper snob. If it's not a letterpress card, forget it! There is just something about a colorful letterpress card on thick card stock that makes my heart happy! This one from Sugar Paper is a favorite! 
  2. Art:  I am a sucker for anything and everything colorful.  Art doesn't have to be fancy schmancy for me to fall in love with it! Pink and poppy red is a personal favorite color combination so this one caught my eye when I was hoppin' around on Pinterest!
  3. Jewelry:  My collection of jewelry is a little out of control these days.  From necklaces to arm parties, I love it all! You can almost always find me wearing my Kate Spade watch, but I love a good bangle, too! 
  4. Shoes: Let me start off by saying, I wear a size five in shoes.  In heels, I wear a size four. You may or may not feel my pain when I tell you how difficult it is for me to find shoes that actually fit me.  J.Crew [thank goodness!] is honestly one of the only places that carry a size five so I have become somewhat of a shoe hoarder these days.  Especially, when it comes to colorful flats [If the shoe fits, right?]! Mini-wedge sandals are starting to steal my heart this summer. These have been on my wish list since they first made their debut on J.Crew's website. 
  5. Bags: Is there ever a time where I truly need another bag to add to my collection? Probably not! Somehow they always manage to suck me in to the point where I am able to convince myself that I desperately need it.  I first saw J.Crew's newest striped tote in their latest catalog and it did not take more than a few days for me to convince myself that I just had to have it! The stripes totally make the bag. If it were any other color of stripes, I probably could have passed, but navy? I just couldn't resist! 
  6. Home Decor:  We live in the cutest little part of the city here in Columbus, Ohio and decorating our little love nest is something  that my makes heart happy. Thankfully my husband understands my desire to constantly move things around until it's just right! Someday I hope to give you all a little tour of our place but until then, this banner will have to do! Isn't it darling? It has been in my cart for a while but every time I go to pull the trigger and make the purchase, it is sold out! Guess I will need to move my fingers a little faster the next time they pop back up online! It would make the cutest detail in an entry! 

So I must know, is there anything that you collect? I'm intrigued! 


  1. I wonder if you could have a look on Etsy for that banner or have someone there make you a similar one. I'm sure they have something like that on there! Check it out!

    1. Perfect idea! I just might do that! :)